A Thousand Pieces of You (Book Review)

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Disclaimer: These are all my personal opinions and therefore my own. They are not meant to hurt feelings, it’s just how I felt about the novel. It’s fine if you disagree, that’s why we have opinions.

First things first, let’s talk about the cover. It is by far one of the best book covers I’ve ever seen and one of the main reasons I decided to pick it up. Now I know why the phrase “Don’t judge a book by its cover” is so popular, it goes both ways.

The contents of A Thousand Pieces of You were incredibly disappointing. I went into this novel expecting action and adventure, instead I got a romance I never asked for. The writing style wasn’t anything spectacular (I hated the constant commencement of sentences with “Probably he…”) and I couldn’t make much connection to the heroine. I felt like she was putting herself into a mindset of dependence on the people around her, rather than taking charge and thinking clearly enough to see what was actually going on. I felt like the plot and events were predictable to a point where the first hundred pages were unnecessary. But one of my biggest pet peeves about the novel is the fact that the blurb on the back was literally the first page, what was the point of that?

All in all, I did not enjoy A Thousand Pieces of You despite its gorgeous cover. If you’re someone who loves romance with added elements of world building, then this might be for you. It just wasn’t for me.



Balloon (A Poem)

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I let myself go
Because I realized
I was holding on too tight
And that it
Wasn’t worth the spite
To keep me tied
To the ground
So now I float
Up and around
Waiting for the sound
Of someone calling me home
Acknowledgment of the fact
That I’m never alone
For my God watches over
All that I do
So don’t get it twisted
Or misconstrued

– The Educated Negra

All American Boys (Book Review)

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All American Boys is told from the duel perspective of two boys. One black, the victim of the incident. The other is white, a bystander to what happened. Even though what really happened was a misunderstanding, it doesn’t change the fact that the officer went too far, and that Rashad is now in the hospital. The book details Rashad’s trouble in piecing together what happened to him and what this means for his future, because he will never be the same again. Quinn on the other hand, must decide whether he will walk away from all of this, pretend he never saw a thing, or stand up for the truth.

All American Boys details a struggle that has been like a distant pain in society’s back. Police brutality is nothing new to the United States, but this novel shows two perspectives of the situation. I enjoyed the inclusion of justifications that seemed racist from an outside perspective, but could ultimately be thought of by someone who was trying to look at the situation passively. The strong will and ultimate resolution sent a powerful message that is definitely necessary in our current state. We have to talk about these things, admit that it’s a problem, and try to fix it. No one should be absent because of police brutality.


Hollow City (Book Review)

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Hollow City begins right where Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children left off, as promised. The kids are trying to make sense of what has happened and what’s to come. With intent to save their beloved ymbryne, they go on an adventure of a lifetime. Discoveries are made of friends and enemies alike, and the future becomes one big, unpromised question mark.
I entered Hollow City over a year after reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children. It was taunting me from a corner of my room, and I’ll be the first to admit it, I was terrified. Rightfully so, but scared nonetheless. What was to become of my heroes, characters that felt more real than the world I lived in?
Wading headfirst, I embarked on the adventure and had trouble leaving this beautifully detailed world that Ransom Riggs had created. The syntax in this novel was even more enticing than the last. The story was crafted so carefully that I could in no means be a step ahead of the author. I was completely absorbed into the world of the peculiars.

Break-Ups (Short Story)

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Write about a character break-up that happened under strange circumstances.

“It’s over!” I shouted, trying to be heard despite the rush of wind surrounding us. My voice was soon lost between the churning gusts that had nearly lifted us both into the sky. I attempted to storm out (no pun intended) but just as surely, Ezra shot another wisp my way.

As I tumbled to the ground, I felt myself being incased in a newly forming sand dune. My mind was struggling to understand what I had gotten myself into in the first place. How was I supposed to know that I’d basically fallen for an Airbender.

I’d only gone out with the kid because of a lost bet, and sure, it was cute at first. He’d trip people without so much as a twitch, bewilderment following the victim. Sometimes he’d even steal me a souvenir from the stand at the waterpark, but now, it was just out of control. The power was getting to his head and our relationship only had room for one narcissist.

“Help! Help!” I screamed. If someone was to appear, I was sure he’d stop. He couldn’t let people know about his power.

“There’s no one to help you, Lila. You’ll be buried alive, I’m sure the beetles will enjoy some fresh flesh,” he said with a cackle. If I didn’t survive the burial, the laugh would surely kill me. This was the last time I’d make another bet with Jenny.

As if appearing from thin air, the devil herself came to my side.

“Jenny, what are you doing here?” I whisper shouted. Could she hear my thoughts or something?

“Well, I can do that too, but teleportation is my specialty.”

And as if she’d been an apparition, she reappeared behind Ezra, giving him a sharp jab in the side. Just as he turned to see where the hit had come from, she was suddenly on his other side, punching his chest. Ezra turned with an extended arm to shoot a blast of wind her way, but it was too late. Jenny was directly in front of Ezra, administering a tough blow to the face. And with that, he crumpled fully to the ground, with not so much as a twitch.
My mouth was agape as I gazed up at Jenny who now had her hand extended to me.

“Did I never tell you about that?” she stated rhetorically.

I grabbed her arm and used it as an aid in projecting myself forward, though I could barely stand upright.

“Don’t worry; he’s knocked out, not dead. He’ll be back to his old self by tomorrow or maybe next week,” her playfulness seemed so out of touch with what had just happened.

“You guys are weird,” I said, shaking my head in defeat.