Things Fall Apart (Book Review)

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The storyline of Things Fall Apart follows Okonkwo, a self-made man who has had to work past his father’s weakness to prove his own strength. Okonkwo has fought for the position and high titles he holds, until one fateful incident brings his rank to an end. This, along with the introduction of colonialism from an African viewpoint, makes for an enriching story.

This past year, I’ve strayed from my previous dystopian and mystery books in pursuit of more black-authored novels. Things Fall Apart did not disappoint in this regard. It brought a fresh new look to the “savagery” of African life. Instead of bypassing topics like religion and gender roles, the novel dove headfirst, explaining rituals and ceremonies, as well as a contrasting perspective of Christianity. This book really brought forth questions and curiosities I had never pondered before. All in all, I loved Things Fall Apart.

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