The Kite Runner (Book Review)

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The Kite Runner follows the friendship between Amir, son of a wealthy Kabul merchant, and his servant Hassan. It explores the ranks of classicism and its effects on lifestyle, education, and ultimate purpose of life. The two are eventually separated due to dynamic issues coinciding with the instability of the Afghan government. The story itself spans over thirty years, detailing the overlooked and rampant past few years of Afghanistan and hope for a brighter future.

I enjoyed reading this novel immensely. I will say that I cried multiple times throughout, but it was difficult to put down. I felt so emotionally invested in the characters and yearned to learn their final outcome. This novel was written from a perspective and area that I had never read before, nonetheless, it was beautiful. The style wasn’t difficult to comprehend and it was in no way airy. Every word had a place and a purpose and there were many amazing quotes to take from this.

In closing, I feel that this quote greatly summarizes my feelings toward The Kite Runner: “Sad stories make good books.”

Little Rock Nine (Book Review)

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Little Rock Nine is a graphic novel set in 1957 that uses fictional characters to relay the true story of the first nine students to successfully integrate an all-white public high school in Arkansas. It presents the perspectives of those who were for and against integration, along with their reasoning.

I enjoyed the graphics of Little Rock Nine. The imagery went along with the story very well. It was a great way to bring out the facts of the past and how far we have come as a nation. This book is great for children, but it can also serve as a fun quick read.