Superfail (Book Review)

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Have you ever been the odd one out in a class? Do you have any traits that make you stand out in all the wrong ways? Well, then, this is a story for you. Marshall Preston has superpowers that don’t feel very super.

Lasor vision is pretty hard to get right when you’re cross-eyed and every time he takes flight everything in his stomach comes up, too. Marshall is a defective and he’s not the only one. But when a supervillian with a notorious plan arises and no one believes him, will he be able to save the day with a band of defective friends?

I really enjoyed the message of Superfail and it’s great for all ages. Through this story we can each learn to find strength in our weaknesses to become our own superheroes.

The expected release date is October 17th, 2017. Superfail can be preordered here:


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