OCDaniel (Book Review)

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Daniel is a thirteen-year-old boy who gets Zaps. He can’t really explain what they are or why he gets them, he just knows there are things he needs to do to get rid of them. Whether that’s flicking the light switch on and off ten times, or making sure the milk glass is moved just right. He just wants the crushing feeling to go away.

Other than the Zaps, Daniel’s a normal enough kid. He “plays” on his school’s football team, but really he’s the backup kicker for a sport he doesn’t even like.

One day he finds a note in his backpack. It says:”I need your help,” signed Fellow Star Child. Following the note, things start to change pretty quickly for Daniel.

I loved reading OCDaniel. I picked it up at the library while checking over the A.S. King books and I’m glad I did. The novel approached Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and other mental illness in an honest and understandable way.

From Far Away (Book Review)

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Saoussan tells the true story of her family’s flight from war-ridden Lebanon. She wrote a letter to Robert Munsch, and together they made her letter into this book.


I enjoyed the honest depiction and truth found in Saoussan Askar’s culture shock and coping with the change that took place for her. It’s a good conversation starter for introducing other points of view to elementary age children.

A Teen’s Guide to Getting Stuff Done (Book Review)

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Inside, you can find the break down of the four main types of procrastinators, along with  some common root causes to this procrastination. There are also tips on what can be done to overcome the issue and how to incorporate this work into an everyday life. This book seems great for teens, young adults, and anyone else who can be described as a serial procrastinator (much like myself).

This was the perfect pick-me-up I needed for battling my procrastination. After completing this book, I’ve learned that I am a Warrior/Perfectionist hybrid procrastinator. I have also begun to come to terms with the root of my procrastination and what I can do to become more productive.

I read this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The expected release date is November 1st, 2017 and it can be preordered here:


Start Your Own Etsy Business: Handmade Goods, Crafts, Jewelry, and More (Book Review)

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Inside, you’ll be able to find everything from how to open your Etsy business, to marketing, to stories of successful Etsy business owners.

Opening an Etsy shop can be stressful, I know from experience, but this book has many incredible tips that I’ve begun incorporating into my own shop. I would recommend this to those who are thinking of opening an Etsy or any other kind of online store as well as those who already have shops.

If you would like to visit my Etsy shop, here’s the link: https://www.etsy.com/shop/TheEducated…

 I read this book through Netgalley.com
The expected release date is September 1st, 2017. The title can be preordered here:

Two Review Tuesday – Pop Pop and Nana

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A touching story about a young girl and the fun she has with her grandmother. This is a great book for reading with your little ones, especially before bedtime.


This is a fun short story about a boy and his grandfather baking together. It’s perfect for reading as a teacher with a young class, or as a parent (or grandparent) reading to their child.

From the brilliant mind of Irene Smalls and Cathy Ann Johnson, comes this wonderful reading pair that you can enjoy with your favorite little ones.

I read these two stories through Netgalley.com in exchange for honest reviews.