Comics for a Strange World (Book Review)

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This is a collection of comics about a strange world, not unlike our own. Despite the ghosts, talking animals, and “the general absence of any coherent laws of nature,” the stories are ones we can relate to and understand, after all, that is the original goal.

I finished this collection of comics in a single sitting but one can really stop and come back at any point. The book is divided into five sections: The Human Experience, Social Creatures, Changes, A Strange World, and Thoughts on Things. Some comics hit close to home and really made me think, while others just left me giggling. Reza Farazmand’s hyper self-aware sense of humor is an acquired taste, but one I quite enjoy.

I read this as an ARC through The expected release date is October 24, 2017. Comics for a Strange World can be preordered here:


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