Two for Tuesday – This is a Taco and The Truth About Dinosaurs

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this is a taco.png

This book was the cutest thing ever! I loved the way Taco stole the show. It starts off with some actual squirrel facts, but when hawks enter the mix, Taco doesn’t like where things are going. So, he decides to put things into his own hands by rewriting the story. This is a wonderful conversation starter for your little leaders.

Pub Date 11 Aug 2018

This is a story that takes it back. Waaaay back, to when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. With a little help from the dinosaurs closest living cousin, the chicken. Told in a photo album format, this story will have your kids (or students) cracking up (and I’m not just talking about the eggs). This is great gift for your favorite dinosaur lovers.

I received digital copies of these titles through in exchange for an honest review.


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