The Break with Michelle Wolf (Show Review)

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Michelle Wolf’s experience on late night comedy has served as a definite boost for her own debut. New episodes are out every Sunday on Netflix. Wolf speaks her mind freely and gets pretty weird at times with no worry about ads being pulled. She’s dissected the late night routine, kept much of the outline, but completely rearranged the segments.

If you’re a fan of The Daily Show but you haven’t seen The Break with Michelle Wolf, can you really consider yourself a fan?

the-break-with-michelle-wolf.jpgHer pumped up Nikes and raging auburn curls are just a few things that set Wolf apart. Perfectly timed delivery and bold topics make this a show we haven’t quite seen before. Michelle Wolf uses a plethora of tactics that poke fun at American culture and society. She begins the show with a classic stand up routine then goes to “commercial” which are in fact fake ads made by Wolf and her team poking fun at commercial products in a ridiculous way. This is the kind of show that you can watch without taking seriously. Though there are a few political jabs thrown in, as it wouldn’t be a true Michelle Wolf show without them.



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