Two for Tuesday – Mr. Pack Rat and Just the Right Size

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Two for Tuesday is something I try to keep up with every week here on my blog. It can be used to review anything, from children’s books to makeup products. If you’d like to join in posting Two for Tuesdays, just comment on this post here.


A charming story about a pack rat who is trying to make his home as beautiful as the world around him, in hopes of being happy. Mr. Pack Rat soon finds that being happy has less to do with what you have, and more to do with what you do.

Mr. Pack Rat Really Wants That is a great story, with a wonderful lesson. It’s a great way to teach children that material items aren’t what will lead to happiness. Great for the classroom and as a bedtime story!


This adorable story celebrates the unique abilities of big and small animals of the wild. Some animals are gigantic, while others are tiny, but they each have a strength.


This story is great for teaching your little ones the difference between big and small. It can also be used for teaching kids that like people, animals come in different shapes and sizes, too.

I read these stories as ARCs through in exchange for an honest review.

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