Show Series I Haven’t Finished

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I love watching TV shows, especially on Netflix, but there are quite a few series that I just haven’t been able to finish. Sometimes, the wait for a new season is simply too much for me. Other times, I just get out of the show. Here are a few of the series that I haven’t finished.

*Warning: Spoilers Ahead*

How to Get Away With Murder

how to get away with murder

Wes was my favorite character. After he died, I just couldn’t watch anymore. He didn’t deserve to die the way he did. I tried getting back into it a few weeks ago, but I just couldn’t.

Jane the Virgin


I honestly love this show. Even after Michael died, I still kept watching, no matter how heartbroken I was. Netflix took forever to get season four but I do really want to get back into this one.

Pretty Little Liars

pretty little liars.jpg

I’ve read a lot of the books but there’s just a point where you get tired of the endlessness and just want to know who did it. The show was very different from the book series, which I didn’t mind, until we got into the third season and still had no real idea of who A was. I couldn’t go on.

Once Upon a Time

once upon a time.jpg

I really liked this one until they put Frozen in it. I stopped watching after that season finale.

Stranger Things

stranger things.jpg

I’ve only seen season one. The year long wait was just too much.

Doctor Who

doctor who.png

I used to watch this as a kid and when I saw the older seasons on Netflix, I watched a lot of those episodes. I do think it’s a great show, but I just don’t have the time to watch all of these seasons.

Do you have any TV shows you haven’t been able to finish? Let me know so we can chat about it.

3 thoughts on “Show Series I Haven’t Finished

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  2. I haven’t finished Jane the Virgin or Doctor Who either and I don’t know why! With Doctor Who especially, I keep telling myself that I’m going to get caught up and then I don’t. Also Stranger Things! I think I watched the first episode (and maybe the second?) of season 2 and then got distracted by something else.

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    • Lol I can totally relate to the whole getting distracted thing too. It’s not that I stopped liking the shows, it’s just that I never seemed to have time to get back into them

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