Kim’s Convenience (Show Review)

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Two seasons of Kim’s Convenience are currently available on Netflix for streaming. It is a Canadian show about the Korean-Canadian Kim family. They own a small convenience store that serves their local community.

Mr. and Mrs. Kim are the parents to Janet and the estranged Jung. Jung hasn’t talked to his father in years due to incidents from his past. He lives with his best friend Kimchee and works with him at a car rental business. Shannon their boss and she is always trying way to hard for them to like her.

Janet is in art school, studying photography. She works part time at the convenience store between class and hanging out with her friends.

I loved watching Kim’s Convenience. The complicated father-son relationship between Jung and his Appa was one of the things that really kept me going. Shannon was one of my favorites. She’s so quirky and genuine, it’s adorable. Janet’s passion in her art was nice to see. Mr. and Mrs. Kim’s relationship was so cute.

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