The Loud House (Show Review)

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I talked about this show a little bit before in my What I’m Watching post from last month, but this is my in-depth review. If you have seen The Loud House, I hope you’ll be able to relate. And, if for some reason you haven’t, please check it out immediately. If this post doesn’t convince you, I don’t know what will.

The Loud House follows the misadventures of Lincoln Loud and his ten sisters, five of which who are older and five who are younger. They learn lessons about everything from saving endangered animals, to accepting who they are. This is a great show for all ages.

First things first, this show is absolutely adorable. I love the simplicity in the character designs, it takes me back to Rugrats and the old Spongebob. The characters each have their own distinctive traits, which is especially important in trying to identify ten sisters.

The sheer amount of representation in this show is just great. As a blog that promotes diversity, you know this is something I’m looking for, whether it be books, shows, movies, or ads. Not only is there racial diversity (seeing as Lincoln’s best friend Clyde is black and Lori’s boyfriend Bobby is Latino) there is also LGBT+ representation. Clyde has two dads, something I haven’t seen in children’s TV before, let alone cartoons.

I couldn’t end this without mentioning the wonderful lessons along the way. Every episode ends with a character realizing the error that put them into their current predicament and figuring out how to fix it. They voice these realizations at the end of every episode and it serves as a great lesson for the kids that are following along.

All in all, The Loud House is a wonderful, family friendly show. 10/10 Would Recommend.

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