Two for Tuesday (Netflix Edition) – Black Mirror and Insatiable

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This weekend I decided to treat myself with a much needed Netflix retreat. I have been hearing about these shows for a while now and I decided to finally check them out.


Black Mirror has been compared to a modern day version of The Twilight Zone, and I think there’s some validity to the claim. Black Mirror is a British TV show that causes you to reassess your prior beliefs about just how far is too far.

BlackMirror_EP3_Nosedive_0186r1.0I watched the much acclaimed Season 3 premiere “Nosedive.” It takes place in a world not much unlike our own, with the eyes of passersby glued to their screen. The only exception is that in this world, you are rated by every person you meet.

These ratings can quite literally determine what kind of life you live, from the job you get to the house you live in. Lacie is determined to get her scores up in hopes that it’ll lead to the life she’s always dreamed of, but things don’t go as planned. I really enjoyed it.

I started watching Insatiable over the weekend after seeing a few videos on Instagram and Youtube about how strange it was. The premise seemed straightforward enough, a “fat” girl gets skinny and decides to get revenge on those who have wronged her. The show takes this premise and twists it from the inside out.

1245780It’s honestly a really weird show. I don’t even know how to explain it without giving spoilers. I can’t say I truly like this show. It was just so weird that I felt the need to keep going, to see if some things would start making sense, but they never did. If you plan on watching Insatiable, I’d say venture at your own risk.

Have you seen or heard of these shows?

What’s your take on them?

Will you be checking them out in the future?

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