What I’m Watching #2

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I enjoyed doing this last month so I decided to have at it again. You can check out my first What I’m Watching here.

parks and recI’ve been watching a lot of Parks and Rec to start off my mornings. This is the third or fourth time that I’m re-watching the seasons. I love this show. I can relate to Leslie Knope’s enthusiasm on so many levels.

I’m almost done with Season 2 and the April and Andy relationship is just starting to form. I love getting back into this show, it’s so good. The humor is well thought and the chemistry between the characters is absolutely wonderful.

shark tankIn the late afternoon, I watch episodes of Shark Tank. I love seeing the innovation that these people have. I wouldn’t consider myself an inventor, but I do think I’ll get into business later on in life. I love the Sharks, even if they are always talking over each other.

And of course, I still always watch The Loud House. It’s such a good show. They came out with two new episodes this week that I really enjoyed. They’ve been putting more focus on characters other than Lincoln, and they brought Ronnie Anne back and she’s the best.LoudLogo

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