Black Klansman (Book Review)

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Black Klansmen is the story of how Detective Ron Stallworth went undercover and joined the Colorado Springs chapter of the Ku Klux Klan. Detective Stallworth was one of the only black men working in his department. This nonfiction account includes how Detective Stallworth gained information on the KKK and continued to fool them over the course of a year, with the help of a white counterpart. Amid conflict in his department, Detective Stallworth continued pushing for what he believed to be right.


Black Klansman was extremely informative. There was a lot I learned that I wouldn’t have known otherwise. I didn’t get a chance to see the movie,  but I definitely want to see how the story plays out on screen.

This is definitely not a light read. I listened to Black Klansman as an audiobook at 1.5 speed. If you don’t already have the OverDrive app, I highly recommend it. It’s free and easy to use, all you need is a library card.

I’ll be honest, it can get boring at times but I feel like that’s not uncommon with nonfictions of this sort. Ron Stallworth is factual and succinct. He does, however, include some funny situations that arose from the investigation.

4/5 Stars

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