Two for Tuesday: My Growing Poetry Collection

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Despite not finishing the two books from my first Two for Tuesday Mini Haul, (I’m 3/4 of the way through American Street), I decided to add two more books to my collection. I bought them through the Button Poetry website.

I tried my hand at some creative photography for this one. Let me know if it was a hit or miss in the comments below:

Still Can’t Do My Daughter’s Hair by William Evans and The Crown Ain’t Worth Much by Hanif Willis-Abdurraquib have such beautiful covers. I’ve listened to both poets on Button Poetry’s Youtube page before and I’ve enjoyed their work. I meant to get The Crown Ain’t Worth Much after buying Black Movie by Danez Smith, but I didn’t get around to it until now. 

As a poet myself, I’m so excited to support these authors. I haven’t decided if I’m saving these for 2019 or not, time will tell.

Do you read poetry? If so, who are your favorite poets?

What are some new books in your collection?

Let me know in the comments down below!

6 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: My Growing Poetry Collection

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  5. Haven’t heard of these two but I will definitely be checking them out! I love poetry so much, especially Button Poetry. My favourite performances are: “Explaining My Depression To My Mother” and “OCD”

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    • I also love those two! Button Poetry introduced me to so many poets that I wouldn’t have known about before. Rudy Francisco, Omar Holmon, Neil Hilborn and a hodgepodge of others 🙂

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