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Getting involved with the book blogging community has been so fun these past few months. I want to keep that same energy throughout 2019. I found the Beat the Backlist Reading Challenge on Kristin‘s blog (Kristin Kraves Books) and I think I’ll give it a try.

The only requirement for this challenge is that the books read were published in 2018 or earlier. I have a bunch of books on my TBR that match this, so I don’t think it’ll be tough.

I’m gonna start with the books from my past Two for Tuesday posts. This week’s post included The Poet X and Dear Martin.

Let’s take it back to last week’s poetry.

Still Can’t do my Daughter’s Hair and The Crown Ain’t Worth Much are both published by Button Poetry. They actually won the annual competition Button Poetry hosts, so that’s pretty exciting.

Remember that Mini Book Haul I did last summer? Well, of the four books I bought, I still have one that I never read. The third book in the Miss Peregrine’s series:

And now for the miscellaneous ones that have been on my shelf for a while:

They were all published way before 2018 and I want that feeling of accomplishment from finally getting through them.

This was a gift from my high school librarian. I saw that man almost every school day during my four years and he saw my love for writing. He even gave me a writing kit with all these cool prompts.

I got a hold of this book soon after getting into Lauryn Hill’s music. I’ve only read the preface so far but I feel like this is a book I need to dedicate a chunk of time for.

I got this as a gift for my older brother who loves Walter Dean Myers, but he never got around to reading it. I’ve decided to read it for him. Walter Dean Myers was one of the first black authors I read that wrote about black issues. Me and this man go way back to those middle school days.

I’ve been wanting to finish this book for a while. I read the first hundred or so pages, then I took a super extended break. I’ll probably have to start this one over.

That’s my list. I’m hoping my first big challenge goes well. I have some pretty high hopes for the first four and we’ll see about the last few. I’ll probably end up reading way more books published 2018 or earlier since I’m not that big on new releases.

Are you doing the Beat the Backlist Challenge?

What’s on your TBR for 2019?

Let me know, in the comments down below!

8 thoughts on “Beat the Backlist TBR

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    • Kristin’s blog is great, I’ve been following it for a while now. I can’t wait to see what you have in mind for Beat the Backlist 😀


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