Mini Review Monday – Room (The Movie)

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I’m trying out a new series! If you’d like to participate, just comment down below. Mini-Review Monday is just that, a mini-review on a Monday. It can be on books, products, or TV shows/movies.

I recently watched the film adaptation of Room on Netflix and all I can say is that I was bawling for a chunk of it. It’s about a woman who was kidnapped and had a child, who she names Jack, for her captor. Her son is five years old and she plans to have him escape the room, with or without her.

I read the book several years ago, in high school, and I loved it. I didn’t remember everything from the book, but the movie definitely sparked up a lot of memories. I remember the book being more from Jack’s perspective. The movie shows more of a holistic view. I think, overall, it was a great movie.

Have you seen and/or read Room?

What are your thoughts on it?

What other movies should I check out on Netflix?

Let me know in the comments down below!

2 thoughts on “Mini Review Monday – Room (The Movie)

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