Another Week of Posts

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I know last week I said that I wouldn’t be keeping up with this whole posting every day thing. I don’t know how, but it happened again. I posted for another week straight. That’s two consecutive weeks of posts!

It may not seem like a big deal, but this is the most active I’ve been in my near four years of having this blog. This is also my first week back in school, so I’ve somehow managed to keep writing posts while trying to figure out which classes to keep and which to drop.

I’m sure this streak is going to end pretty soon, but until then, here’s a recap of this week’s post. Let me know if you like these weekly recaps so I can keep doing them, even when I don’t post every day. Click the links to check them out.

Monday – My mini-review of the film adaptation of Room.

Tuesday – I posted prompts for Two for Tuesday. Two for Tuesday is now an official tag. I even made a banner. I don’t know how to make it downloadable but anyone is welcome to use it if you’re participating. If you have any advice for keeping up with tags, please let me know. Make sure to join!

Wednesday – Check out these 5 Tips for Blogging Consistently.

Thursday – Another Grownish Recap and Discussion.

Friday – My goals for reading and blogging in 2019.

Saturday – My review of The Hookup Plan.

And of course, you’re already reading Sunday’s post, but you can also check out last Sunday’s post.

How has your week been?

Have you watched/read anything new this week?

Let me know, down below!

3 thoughts on “Another Week of Posts

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