Mini Review Monday -Thrifting Adventures

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So last Monday, my best friend and I went to World of Thrift. As the book nerd I am, I went with the sole intention of finding some bargain books. They just renovated and the book section was really nice. I didn’t take the best pictures while I was there, so I’ll just include pictures of the haul.

I ended up getting nine books for around $12. Three of them were hardcovers. I definitely consider this a thrifting success.

Do you like to go thrift shopping?

Where do you get your books?

What do you look for when shopping?

Comment down below!

6 thoughts on “Mini Review Monday -Thrifting Adventures

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  3. I’m always looking for books from our thrift shop. It’s much cheaper and if those are in good condition, i don’t see any reason why i should leave a book there and go buy it as a new one

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    • Definitely! The books are like new. I used to buy used books on amazon for $4 and they would be in perfect condition, now I go to thrift shops and find them even cheaper 😀

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