Two for Tuesday – Prompts

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I want to make Two for Tuesday into a real tag this year, so I’m setting up the prompts, starting for next month. If you’re interested in participating, please comment below and link back to me in your posts. I will be making an official list of the participants and I plan on linking back to everyone’s posts each week.

Prompt #1 – February 5th, 2019

Two books that taught you something

Prompt #2 – February 12th, 2019

Two Books that helped you fall in love with reading

Prompt #3 – February 19th, 2019

Two books that remind you of someone

Prompt #4 – February 26th, 2019

Two books that help you sleep at night

Will you be participating in Two for Tuesday?

How do you feel about the first four prompts?

Do you have any suggestions?

Let me know, in the comments below!

13 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday – Prompts

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  3. I’m enjoying this adventure, Rae, but as I look at your #3 and #4 I’m realizing I’ll not have books to talk about. Books don’t remind me of anyone else; usually just the opposite, they introduce me to new people and places. And books that help me sleep at night? Again, nada. BUT, I do have books that have helped me grow, something of an outgrowth of your #1. And I have books I just cannot get rid of. I’ve cleaned out my bookshelves in a major way twice in my life: in 2004 when I went in the Peace Corps, and in 2007 when I moved to Vermont and we just did not have the room. Yet, I still have books from the 1960s that I cannot part with. I’m hoping these will trigger some other prompts.

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    • Thank you for bringing up those points and I love the ideas for some new prompts for next month! I definitely encourage you to take on your own personal spin and if a prompt doesn’t fit your books, you can definitely reword it, I’m all for creativity 😀

      For the books that remind you of someone I was thinking of maybe characters in the book or a book you may have received as a gift. As far as books that help you sleep at night, I meant that more in the context of bedtime stories and books that renew your faith in humanity. I probably should have made that a little clearer. I’ll use this to improve in the future with my prompt posts 🙂 thank you again for the active participation


  4. I’m just getting back into blogging after a really stressful exam season and I feel like this would really help me do so! I love the idea and I am going to try my best to participate!

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