Grownish Season 2 Episode 7 Recap + Discussion

It’s time for another recap. I caught this episode late but I still had to get this recap up for y’all. Make sure to check out the other recaps for the Premiere, Episode 3, Episode 4, Episode 5, and Episode 6 while you’re here.

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Soooo, Cash Mooney is back for some reason. He’s Zoey’s ex from last season. Cash recently got caught under fire for hooking up with a girl at a party. Apparently they had a few too many drinks and rumors spread. Even though she consented, a bad game of telephone gets the rumor spreading that it wasn’t so consensual.

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The Enthusiastic Sober Consent Policy starts up at Cal U and it sparks up a discussion about consent with the group. Aaron hates it and calls it a boner killer. Zoey brings up a good point about how the policy is similar to their group dynamics. Nomi and Vivek argue against it. Zoey calls out Ana for being a sloppy drunk and Ana basically agrees.

Aaron says the policy is out to get guys but Luca mentions that he knows guys who have been sexually assaulted, just not by women. Vivek mentions one of his friends who went along with something with two girls even though he wasn’t really into it. His point was valid and it’s something that doesn’t get discussed often enough.

Cash ends up leaving Cal U after all the heat, which the crew hears about via The Shade Room. Vivek tries to say that alcohol is necessary for his game with girls. Aaron says the problem isn’t a lack of alcohol and Vivek calls him out for his “ThotFax.” Sky admits to doing the same thing.

Nomi calls out Ana for being a total hypocrite. Apparently she broke the policy with some dude with a bolo tie who was definitely not sober on the night of the party. Zoey starts defending the policy again, saying that if it was implemented before it could have saved Cash from that situation.

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It turns out, Luca thinks Zoey is just riding the policy so hard because of Cash. Sounds like someone’s jealous. They end up stepping outside to have an argument about the situation. Luca was the one in the wrong and he looks like he feels really bad about it.

The girls head back to their apartment and even though they don’t completely agree about everything, Ana points out the importance of having the discussion in the first place. Luca comes over to apologize and I guess everything’s okay or whatever.

The last scene is just Vivek and Aaron trying to stay away from their bad habits. “Like a Red Nose” comes on and Aaron can’t help himself. Vivek ends up taking a shot and thankfully not using a stupid pun as he brings some drinks to a table of girls.


I’m happy that this episode happened. It’s definitely necessary and I like that they mentioned many perspectives on the topic. I think Zoey and Luca need to break up, though. They’re always fighting over stupid stuff.

How do you feel about the latest episode?

What do you think will happen next?

How do you feel about the consent policy?

What do you think about Zoey and Luca’s relationship?

How do you feel about Cash?

Let me know in the comments!


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