Helium (Book Review)

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I have been in love with Rudy Francisco’s poetry ever since I first listened to “Scars/To the New Boyfriend.” His writing is just so raw and honest. I feel like I can really understand what he’s been through, even if my past experiences have been completely different.

I didn’t get too many nice pictures this time around, hopefully I’ll get a few more later today.

Helium included a few gems that the real fans will recognize. There were also quite a few poems that were new to me, and they were beautiful. I was left in tears towards the end. I’m happy that Helium has made it’s way to my book shelf.

5/5 Stars

6 thoughts on “Helium (Book Review)

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  5. Rae, My “Like” button isn’t working, so please don’t think I’ve stopped following your blog. I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us for #TwoForTuesday in March. It’s been fun in February. Thanks for the prompts.

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