Grownish Season 2 Episode 9 Recap + Discussion

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I know I completely missed posting this last week. I talked about that in my thoughts on this episode post. Make sure to check out my recaps for Episode 10, Episode 8, Episode 7, Episode 6, Episode 5, Episode 4, Episode 3, and the Premiere. And follow my Twitter for weekly live-tweeting of the episodes.


Episode nine starts with Zoey, Ana, and Nomi being a cute little squad. They head over to the Cal U Arts Fest to see Luca’s exhibit. One of Luca’s pieces hits a nerve for Zoey. It’s legit a painting of Luca’s ex, and it is super detailed. Aaron mentions that the body is “very well composed.”

Grownish Season 2 Episode 9

The painting Luca made of Zoey made it on the board, too. It’s just not nearly as flattering. Apparently homegirl’s name is Juliette and Luca says she means nothing to him.

Ana and Aaron get hot dogs as “friends.” Zoey ends up calling Ana after realizing that Juliette and Luca have a matching tattoo. Ana teaches Zoey how to go on a social media deep dive. Zoey takes a swig from her hairbrush flask and goes in.

Nomi left earlier for some queer performance art. It ends up being a lot for her to take in. She’s greeted by pronoun pins and coming out stories. One of the performers is literally just screaming.

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Zoey gets pretty far in, but then she makes one of the biggest mistakes you can make on a deep dive. She likes one of Luca’s pictures from two years ago. Then, she decides to like all the pictures as if that’ll balance things out. Luca comes over to Zoey and they have a little argument. He asks if she’s asking for a body count and she makes the mistake of saying yes. He ends up giving her a ball park estimate which gets blurred out, but by Zoey’s reaction, it’s “a pretty sold out ballpark.”

She tells him about how she’s only been with two people. It was honestly childish the way she did it, but I get it. I don’t know how I’d feel about being with a dude with a high body count, especially if I didn’t already know what I was getting into.

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Zoey goes back to the apartment and has a talk with Ana. Ana says that Luca is pretty tolerant of Zoey’s past and mentions Aaron. Zoey talks about how Zoey was never in love with Aaron and that seems to make Ana feel way better. Luca comes in and Ana leaves. Zoey and Luca talk a bit and she decides to ignore the issue of his past because she doesn’t want to ask question that she isn’t ready to have answered.

Nomi texts her Gender Studies professor about the exhibit. Her professor says that gay people can make bad art too, which is definitely true. Nomi ends up calling her and they talk for a while, making plans for the week.

So Ana left to hook up with Aaron. I’m not gonna say I agree with the situation but I’m not gonna pretend I hated that scene either.

The last scene is Luca and Zoey talking about what he should do about the tattoo. It was cute or whatever.


How did you feel about this episode?

What are your thoughts on Zoey and Luca’s relationship?

Where were Vivek, Sky, and Jazz?

Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

3 thoughts on “Grownish Season 2 Episode 9 Recap + Discussion

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