My Thoughts on the Grownish Spring Finale

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I plan on posting my actual Recap + Discussion some time tomorrow. I just wanted to talk about tonight’s episode ASAP. Until then, you can check out my twitter feed since I was live-tweeting the whole episode. This post is gonna be filled with spoilers, so be warned.

This episode was packed with all the punches. Zoey was going through a whole lot and so was her squad. I’m so happy she was honest about the cheating situation, even if she did end up getting academic probation. It could’ve been a whole lot worse.

I’m happy this thing Nomi had going on with her professor is over. Now I’m just worried Nomi is gonna do something petty, like blackmailing her or something. I wouldn’t put that above Nomi.

The Ana and Aaron situation is still going on for some reason. Ana really should’ve told Zoey from the get-go. Aaron’s parental situation was a whole other story.

Unpopular opinion but I kind of agree with Dre. Zoey has been getting out of hand since she got to college. I’m not saying he should completely cut her off, that’s pretty drastic, but something definitely needs to change.

How do you feel about tonight’s episode?

What do you think will happen in June?

Do you agree/disagree with my thoughts? Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

4 thoughts on “My Thoughts on the Grownish Spring Finale

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