February Wrap-Up

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February is the shortest month of the year and I really felt that. This month completely flew by. My Two for Tuesday and Grownish Recaps + Discussions got a lot of love this month. Thank you for the support and comments, I love seeing what you have to say.

Now, let’s see how I did on my goals.

Reading + Blogging Update

I finished one book this month: Helium by Rudy Francisco.

It was sooo good. That was the only book I completed in February, but I did start a couple other ones. I’m hoping to get more reading done this month.

As far as blogging goes, I definitely kept up with Two for Tuesday. I really enjoyed posting them throughout the month. My March prompts are up, make sure to join if you’d like to. It’s open to everyone.

I started using Canva.com to make a lot of my thumbnails (including the one for this post) and I’ve been loving it so far. It gives me enough space for creativity while making my designs look great. I want to start using it for all my posts so I can get a sense of unity going.

Here’s what I’ve done so far, using Canva:

Bookstagram Update

I posted less than I’d intended this month, but I really like how the pictures are coming out. I need to start carrying more books around with me so I can get more pictures in.

Personal Update

I’ve been on and off as far as keeping up with my planner. I mainly rely on my phone’s calendar. I did make some important life changes. I quit one of my jobs and I’ve been focusing on school more. I haven’t been going out as much so I can focus on studying.

How was your February?

How are you doing?

What are your plans for this week?

Let’s have a chat!

5 thoughts on “February Wrap-Up

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  4. I’ve been using Canva for just over a year now and I can’t imagine making banners without it. Its so easy and fun to use. Glad that’s working for you. Looks like you had a great month, I hope March is just as good to you 😊

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    • Thank you, I really enjoyed using Canva these past two months and it’s definitely something I plan on continuing πŸ˜€ I’m happy it’s been working so well for you, too

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