5 Funny Easter Eggs from On My Block Season 2

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If you read last week’s post, you already know how I breezed through Season Two of On My Block. It’s honestly a great show. Since I finished the second season, I decided to rewatch Season One. It’s just as great, if not better, than I remembered. While recapping on Season One, I noticed a lot more references from the first season in Season Two. Here are a few.

Sidenote: There will be spoilers so read at your own risk.

1. Olivia’s Spanish

In the very first episode of Season Two, after we find out Olivia died at the party, Ruby has a gift he never got to give to her. At the end of the episode, it’s revealed to be a Spanish to English dictionary. This is a nod to Episode Six of Season One when Olivia tried going off on everyone in Spanish. I think we’ve all seen the memes by now.

Netflix’s On My Block renewed for season 2 as fans call ...

2. B*tches be bonkers

This is a phrase that Jamal used quite a bit in Season One. He was mainly talking about Monse and how she kept going off. In Season Two, Abuelita uses the phrase in a conversation with Jamal and it’s just a great scene overall.

Image result for on my block abuelita

3. The ghost of Julio

"gnome - on my block Dirty" T-shirt by Pikokk | Redbubble

Jamal destroyed the Julio garden gnome in Episode Seven of Season One and now he keeps seeing the other gnomes all over town. While the group, plus two, are messing around with a Ouija board in Brentwood, it spells out Julio and Jamal freaks out.

Image result for on my block gnome

4. Abuelita’s recreational hobby

In the first episode of Season Two, Abuelita tries helping Ruby with his shoulder pain using some questionable means. Notice how they’re in the laundry room so if you know, you know.

5. The red headed cop

“Go to her, now!”

That line was first uttered in Episode 5 of the first season. A red headed cop during the street’s lock down, who we later find out is Officer Hamel, tells Caesar that he has to get to Olivia before she tells Monse about the kiss. He ends up getting there a few seconds too late.

Caesar tells Officer Hamel the same thing in the second episode of Season 2. Don’t you just love it when things come full circle.

Image result for on my block abuelita gif
I just wanted an excuse to use this.

Did I miss any easter eggs?

What are some of your favorite moments of Season 1?

What do you think of Season 2?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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