Two for Tuesday: Earth Day

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As you may know, Earth Day was yesterday. In honor of Earth Day, today’s prompt is to name two books that encourage a change. These don’t have to be environmental, just a positive change of some sort.

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you know that I love books with a message. This whole blog’s focus is promoting diversity and inclusion in all forms of media. I know it would’ve been easy to mention The Hate U Give for the 30th time, but I really want to start expanding my palate as far as activism goes.

I’m going to start off with a recent one. This book has resonated strongly with me, I even got to meet the author, herself.

Wolfpack by Abby Wambach

Abby Wambach is a retired professional soccer player and active inter-sectional feminist. This book is a call to action for women to let go of the rules that have been holding us down and create our own rules. I’ve actually made two posts on Wolfpack. The first being the actual review and the second is five of my favorite quotes. Definitely check out those posts if you want to learn more about Wolfpack.

Dear Martin by Nic Stone

Dear Martin was one of the first books I read this year. It was a great way to start off the year. I admit, this one is a lot to take in. Dear Martin centers around more than police brutality, it addresses social disparity, microaggressions, and how we can address it in every day life. If you want to read my official review (and see some of the other pictures I took) click here.

Have you read these books?

How did you celebrate Earth Day?

What are you currently reading?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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