May Two for Tuesday Prompts

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I’ve been experimenting a lot these past few months with Two for Tuesday, and this month is no different. I’ve mentioned before that I wanted to open Two for Tuesday up to TV shows and movies, too.

I made a new theme for this month, so feel free to use it for your posts. This time, I experimented with editing and I really like how the photo and text turned out. Let me know how you feel about it.

Please make sure you link back to me in your posts so it can pop up on my notifications. I’ll be on vacation this week, so everything being posted is pre-scheduled and I won’t be able to read everyone’s submission until I get back. Thanks for the support!

Week #1: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies set in places you’d like to travel to.

These places can be real or fictional and with these prompts you can mix and match. So if you choose a book for one, you can choose another book, or you can pick a TV show/movie. It’s your prerogative.

Week #2: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies that remind you of your mother/mother-like figure in your life.

Mother’s Day is the 12th so I felt like this prompt would be fitting for that week. I’m sure many of us have a story that we used to read with our mothers or a movie that makes us think of them. Something along those lines.

Week #3: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies that are innovative.

This is definitely something that I think will be more geared toward movies and TV. I’m sure Sci-fi books could fall under this, but definitely choose anything that you feel is innovative.

Week #4: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies that star your favorite characters.

It’s as simple as that. Whether it be the main character of your favorite book or a hilarious supporting character in a TV Show, who are two of your faves?

Thank you to everyone who’s been participating from the start, I love seeing what you have to say. If you’re interested in joining, please do so, I would like to see this tag grow.

Are you joining Two for Tuesday?

How do you feel about this month’s prompts?

What should I add for next month?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “May Two for Tuesday Prompts

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