Mini Review Monday: Shazam

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I decided to bring this back for a bit. Mini Review Mondays are just that, a mini review on a Monday. I use them for books, TV Shows, and movies (when I’m in the mood). Let me know if you like these Mini Reviews and I’ll keep doing them.

Shazam! on EW's special Comic-Con cover: 'It's Superman ...


Shazam is the latest film from DC. Billy Batson is a fourteen year old boy in foster care and all he wants is to find his mother. They got separated at a fair when he was younger and he hasn’t stopped searching since.

Now, he’s in a new home with new foster parents, again. But he has no intention of staying. While on one of his misadventures, he somehow ends up face to face with a real life, real old, wizard. Now, every time he says Shazam, he becomes a grown up superhero.


My mom and I go on little movie dates once every two weeks. We went to see Shazam last month and we had a great time. It was funny and the main characters were charming. Shazam has a great message and it’s a funny family friendly film.

Have you seen Shazam?

What are your thoughts?

What should I review next?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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