Two for Tuesday: Travel Destinations

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Hello, everyone. Welcome to Two for Tuesday, the weekly themed tag where you have to pick just two. If you’re interested in joining Two for Tuesday, make sure to comment down below.

I’m working on expanding Two for Tuesday to now include TV shows and movies. This week’s prompt is: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies set in places you’d like to travel to. These places can be real or fictional and with these prompts you can mix and match. So if you choose a book for one, you can choose another book, or you can pick a TV show/movie. It’s your prerogative.

The first one is a TV show I got into thanks to Kat. Definitely check out her blog where she talks about books, TV shows, and movies. Her posts are very witty and she has more of an international perspective.

The Hookup Plan

It’s set in France, which I adore. I’ve been to France once before, but it was only two or three days so I didn’t get to grasp the entire country. I really want to go back and spend anywhere from a week to a couple months there next time. I love learning about different cultures.

Next is somewhere that’s a nice mix between mystical and sci-fi.

Black Panther

I’d love to experience Wakanda. It’s absolutely breathtaking. I was rewatching Black Panther a few days ago and it felt like I was watching this scene for the first time again. I just love it.

What are some places you’d like to visit?

Where are you going on your next adventure?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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