Two for Tuesday: Reminds me of my Momma

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Two for Tuesday is a weekly tag I host here on Rae’s Reads and Reviews. Any and everyone is not only welcome, but encouraged to join. I love reading your posts and seeing how you interpret the prompts. If you do make a Two for Tuesday post, please link back to me and add your link to the comments of this post so others can see it, too.

I actually just got back from vacation with my mom and grandma. I’ll be posting about it on my personal blog, Life Update, some time in the next few weeks.

Here’s a super artsy picture of the aforementioned queens.

Week #2: Two books, TV shows, and/or movies that remind you of your mother/mother-like figure in your life.

Mother’s Day was this past Sunday so this felt like as good a time as any. I’m sure many of us have a story that we used to read with our mothers or a movie that makes us think of them. Or maybe there’s someone in your life that you’ve always seen as a mother figure, just something that reminds you of them.

I’m go to start off with something that was a classic for my family.


Top 50 Shows You Watched As A Kid In The Early 2000's

As a child, my mom, brother, and I would visit the Family Christian Book Store after church. Every so often, my mom would actually let me buy something. Most of the time, that something was a DVD of VeggieTales.

We would all sit in the living room together and watch VeggieTales. We would replay our favorites. It was a time for us to sit and laugh together right before the hub bub of a busy week. The following day, you’d often hear at least one of us singing “Oh, where is my hairbrush?” in the shower. If you know, you know.

Diary of a Mad Black Woman

Purify Me - India Arie (Diary of a Mad Black Woman) - YouTube

Diary of a Mad Black Woman is and will probably always be my favorite work of Tyler Perry’s. Though he’s been criticized for his overt reliance on stereotypes his shows and movies (the use of which I do not condone), Diary of a Mad Black Woman has a great central theme.

It’s one of his older works but it still feels just as relevant. I remember watching this movie with my mom and feeling empathy towards the characters. I understood what it felt like to be alone, to be broken. I would keep rooting on for Helen whether it was my first time watching, or my fiftieth.

What would be your picks for this prompt?

What are some of your favorite movies?

What should I watch next?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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