Secret Life of Pets 2 (Movie Review)

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The movies that have been coming out lately really haven’t been my cup of tea so I haven’t went to the theaters in about a month now. It’s so weird thinking about how I used to go to the movies so rarely and now I go almost every week. Oh, how the tables have turned.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 Movie Snowball, Chloe and Maz

The Secret Life of Pets 2 has our same lovable cast from the first movie and a few new characters to spice up the mix. Max’s family is growing yet again, this time with humans. His owner got married and had a baby and now Max is taking it on himself to help look after the littlest addition.

Snowball, voiced by Kevin Hart, has his own adventures to take care of after being enlisted on a real superhero mission. Tiffany Hadish’s character, Daisy, needs his help to save a sad white tiger from the vicious, circus ringleader.

And, while all of that going on, Chloe is teaching Gidget how to act like a cat.

We get to see some honest character development from Max throughout the film. It also serves as a lesson to the younger viewers that it’s okay to be scared but it’s important to face those fears. The movie is also really funny. The voice actors did a great job of keeping that high energy throughout the film and the illustrations are stunning, which is to be expected with Illumination productions.

Get Ready for The Secret Life of Pets 2

This is a family friendly comedy, by all means. I had a great time and I’d definitely recommend it if you’re on the fence about what to see this weekend.

Have you seen The Secret Life of Pets 2?

What were your thoughts?

What are you excited to see next?

Have you seen that Toy Story 4 trailer???

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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