Grownish Season 2 Episode 13 Recap + Discussion

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This was the episode when we finally addressed some of Zoey’s real problems. I was so happy. Zoey got checked by Luca, Junior, and my dawg Aaron and I was here for it!

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Zoey’s beginning monologue is about beefs and how they can end so easily. Then she goes and drinks home girl Ana’s milk. Sis is being extra petty and Ana’s just taking it. I felt so bad for her.

After that disrespect, Zoey goes over to Luca’s to “apologize.” It was the emptiest “I’m sorry” I’ve ever heard. Then she gives Luca a hug that he most definitely doesn’t reciprocate. And she starts banging on his door like it’s something serious.

Luca tells her that “the world doesn’t start and stop with Zoey Johnson” and I felt that. She needed to hear it, even if it went into one ear and out the other. Then he told her he still needed his time in the chillest way possible.

Zoey and Luca Get Together on the Grownish Season 1 Finale?

Zoey feels like she’s been curved by her own boyfriend and she tells her home girls about it, pointedly minus Ana. Jazz and Sky explain to her the difference between being curved and a full on diss, which is what she got.

Nomi chimes in that lil’ Lenny Kravitz has had enough and she gets a text from her professor. Then she starts going off about hurting people’s feelings and the girls are real confused. Sky and Jazz make some sly jokes and Zoey tries to ask who Nomi’s texting but she doesn’t tell them. Then Zoey starts asking for praise for being a decent friend. Sometimes I’m just over it with this girl.

Sky goes off on a tangent about how to win Luca back with an oversized pea-coat. Jazz gives her some real advice and tells her to basically act like she doesn’t care so Luca will come back to her. The girls plan on hitting the local bar, but as soon as Nomi mentions that Ana will be there, Zoey goes off and decides to stay at home watching “Floribama Shore.”

Nomi sends Zoey a picture of Luca at Titanium, the place the girls went to. Zoey decides to make her entrance after all, but she can’t go alone. So, she hits up her brother to be her wingman. He is wayyy too excited about this.

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Sky is all up on Junior immediately. She tells Nomi to get up just so he can sit next to her. Luca comes over to Zoey while she’s ordering a drink and compliments her outfit. Then when she asks if he wants to get something to eat, he’s basically just like nah.

Jazz gives Zoey another talk about being a savage to get the power in the relationship. She leaves the group as soon as Doug tells Jazz to come over and yet she’s the one with the power.

Luca comes over to check on Zoey before he heads out and she tries putting Jazz’s advice into action. She’s so weird about the whole thing. She takes the “act like you don’t care” thing way too literally and Luca decides he doesn’t have the time or energy to deal with it. He heads out and leaves Zoey feeling like Boo Boo the Fool.

Aaron goes over to Ana, who’s sitting all alone, to try talking to her. He tells her that he feels bad that Ana’s the one taking the brunt of all this drama. He offers to get her something but she’s still worried about Zoey’s hurt feelings. She walks away and Aaron’s feeling pretty hurt because he really does like Ana.

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Zoey’s card gets declined while she’s trying to self medicate with some alcohol. Like I said last week, she has other things she needs to be worried about. Aaron pays for her drink and she tells him that she’ll pay him back but then he hits her with that “do you want to be with me?” I was just like “huh.”

While Zoey’s over here stuttering, Aaron goes off. He tells her that if she’s already over him, then she needs to let go of this petty beef. He goes as far as saying that she’s not the one who started it (which I beg to differ) but she has to be the one to end it. Then he walks off like a G.

Doug gives Jazz his coat and says he might come over later. Then she tells him he can come over any time. I miss those two together, they were so cute. I’m just wondering how things will be if they really do get back together.

Grownish Jazz and Doug together

Jazz and Junior ended up dancing together while this whole situation was going down. They seem to be really feeling each other and Junior asks Zoey for a condom in the cringiest way possible. She just got low key curved by Luca again and she’s not feeling this Jazz/Sky pairing.

Junior sits to have a real talk with Zoey. She tells him what’s up and he gives her some advice that she actually ends up taking. He calls her out on her empty promises and gets her seeing things from Luca’s perspective.

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Nomi went over to her professor’s place to talk things out. Turns out, her professor has real feelings for her and wants to make this an actual thing. They end up making out. Again, why is she with her professor?

Zoey gives Ana a real apology and a new pint of milk. Ana takes it without a second thought and the girls are all buddy buddy again. The next morning, she talks to Luca again and he takes it this time. They good or whatever.

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The last scene is Luca hanging out at Zoey’s place with her. Aaron comes in with his date shirt and Luca’s not mad at it. Ana is looking real good for this date. Zoey is way too into this relationship at this point, acting like a total mama.


This episode basically revolved around Zoey but I wasn’t all that mad about it. We finally got to see Zoey address her problems like a somewhat adult and that makes things a little better. I’m just happy this petty behind beef is over. It was so unnecessary.

I think Ana took this whole thing way too hard. She was looking like a sad kid every time she was in the same room as Zoey.

Nomi needs to stop messing around with her professor and that’s all I have to say about that.

Sky and Junior together? I’m not mad at it. I’m just a little surprised since Junior is a little younger than them, but I guess that’s not a big deal for her.

Are you feeling this Sky/Junior pairing?

How do you feel about Nomi and her professor hooking up again?

Do you agree with what Aaron had to say to Zoey?

Am I the only one weirded out by Zoey’s new obsession with Ana and Aaron’s relationship?

Do you feel like Ana forgave Zoey too quickly?

Where was Vivek?

How did you feel about this week’s episode?

What do you think will happen Wednesday?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

6 thoughts on “Grownish Season 2 Episode 13 Recap + Discussion

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  4. 1.) I kind of am even though I did want to see a Sky and Vivek kind of thing.
    3.) I definitely agree with what Aaron said to Zoey. If she’s not feeling him, then she should let it go. Period.
    4.) Yes. That is weird and a little fast as well. She literally was just drinking all the milk just to be petty and now all of a sudden she’s trying to take pics of them for “the gram.” That’s a little weird.
    5.) Everyone needs to be forgiven. Hanging on to something like that just continues to sour a relationship. I think Ana should at least be a bit understanding that this was someone her friend almost dated and give her the benefit of the doubt. But Zoey was still wrong. It’s a complicated situation.
    6.) I didn’t even notice that.
    7.) I felt that it was good and I’m glad the petty drama is over.

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    • I wanted Sky and Vivek to get together too!

      I think Zoey just felt super guilty about everything and that’s why she got so obsessed with the two of them together. The situation is definitely complicated

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