Mr. Iglesias (Show Review)

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Mr. Iglesias is a show starring Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias where he stars as a history teacher who’s trying to help his underprivileged students succeed. He fights for his kids, making sure they can stay at the school even when administration tries kicking them out to boost school ratings.

"Mr. Iglesias" Hilarious Trailer Debut! | LatinHeat ...

I’ve seen a lot Fluffy’s comedy specials on Netflix so when I heard he was getting his own show, I got pretty excited. Mr. Iglesias is so funny. I binged the season in a couple days and I don’t regret it. He uses voices to make fun of historical figures and I was hear for it.

The show keeps a light mood while throwing in pop culture and political references. It’s on of those shows where you’re laughing so much that you don’t even realize you’re learning a little something along the way.

Have you seen Mr. Iglesias?

What are you currently watching?

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