Grownish Season 2 Episode 16 (Recap + Discussion)

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This episode was honestly so good. It was unproblematic and the crew wasn’t leaking any toxic energy tonight. This is the kind of content I’ve been waiting for Grownish to bring back. This is the kind of stuff that made me love Grownish in the first place.

Grownish Zoey


Zoey starts off humble bragging about how she’s been working at the bookstore for two weeks and only called in sick twice. Her grades are getting way better in chemistry, though.

With everything that’s been happening with the group, Zoey decides to take the girls out on an MLK self-care weekend at her parents house. Apparently, she already got her car back in those two weeks of working at the book store.

If you watch Blackish, you already know that Zoey’s family is out on their yearly ski trip. Zoey takes advantage of the empty house to hang out with her girls.

Grownish season 2 episode 16 self care weekend

As soon as she puts her stuff down, she finds out that the house isn’t as empty as they’d though it would be. Junior’s there in his bathrobe, ready to win Sky over again.

Zoey’s confused as to why Junior is at home instead of going on the ski trip with the rest of the family. He tells her that taking care of Devante, their baby brother, is tiring work. Truth be told, he really is the one who takes care of Devante.

The twins tell Zoey that they almost don’t regret missing the MLK parade because of how nice the house is. Nomi complains about how the floors aren’t heated. Honestly, Nomi was being so bougie and pretty annoying this episode.

Grownish Nomi

Junior starts playing host and lets Sky know his door is open to her. Sky pulls him aside to have a one on one. She tells him she doesn’t want this becoming a “thing.” Junior tells her that he gets it and can read between the lines. And by reading between the lines, he means that Sky just doesn’t want to get hurt dating a single father. Zoey reminds Junior that he’s not actually Devante’s father and he leaves to give Sky a little space.

Zoey tries to get things back on track with the self care weekend. She tells the girls that they’ll be cleansing their minds, body, and soul. Sky interjects that she knows Jesus, so her soul stays clean (Amen to that). Ana says she won’t be going through this “breakup” without carbs. Nomi reminds her that it isn’t technically a breakup.

Zoey uses that point to interject with her little “healing” mantra. Nomi asks her how the healing is going to happen. Then, I kid you not, Zoey brings out adult coloring books.

Grownish Season 2 Episode 16 Zoey Coloring Books

Sidenote: One of the coloring books had a mermaid on the cover and if you don’t know what that references by now, then are you really a Grownish/chloexhalle fan? Real deal, I’m not even into live-action remakes but I wouldn’t mind seeing Halle Bailey on the big screen as our favorite Little Mermaid.

Halle Bailey is the new Little Mermaid

Then, we skip over to Aaron’s docu-ad about the Hawkins Brotherhood. He talks about how Cal-U has so many great resources, but its surrounding neighborhood doesn’t. The Hawkins Brotherhood is raising money for a beautification project for the local park.

Aaron’s voice sounded so dry the whole time. At the end of the ad, he throws a ball at a kid that wasn’t even ready. How did that make it to the final cut?

Grownish season 2 episode 16 aaron

Basically, Aaron realized that all this time he spent playing with people’s feelings was taking away from his activism. It’s true, I haven’t seen him heated up about an issue all season. Especially considering all the stuff we went through with him last season.

Aaron started acting so unnecessary. They raised $50 at the start and he started going off about how it wasn’t enough. He really couldn’t appreciate a dime if he tried.

Grownish season 2 episode 16 Aaron, Vivek, and Doug

Jazz is not feeling this coloring book activity so she brings out the booze. Zoey wants to keep the girls on schedule and says the ASMR videos are next. The twins and Ana ignore her for a drink.

Nomi comes into the room, reading Zoey’s old diary and apparently she’s okay with that. The girls all start laughing and acting like it isn’t a big deal. Sorry, not sorry, but Nomi is real bold for that one. Sis is mad nosey for no reason. She literally went through Zoey’s “do not open” box in her room.

Grownish Zoey eye roll

Then Zoey starts reading some of the entries aloud. Jazz calls Sky out about her “first oral sex experience.” Apparently Sky totally misinterpreted what oral sex was in the 6th grade. She thought oral sex just meant talking about sex, so when Ashy–back Gerald told a story about sex during recess, she wrote in her diary that she had oral sex with Ashy-back Gerald. Then, her dad read it. Talk about embarrassing.

Junior comes back in the room, flexing for the girls. Then Zoey starts reading the diary entry about her goals. She had some big goals for twenty and Junior calls her out on it. Then Zoey starts feeling real hurt about not having done 3/4 of them yet.

Grownish season 2 episode 16 Zoey, Ana, and Nomi

Zoey starts going through her old stuff and feeling super unaccomplished. The girls try reassuring her about it.

Jazz tells Zoey that she thought she’d be an Olympic gold medalist by now and Sky would at least be bronze, to which sky replied “Ya mama’s bronze.” I was cracking up at that one, she said it so quick. Y’all got the same mama, Sky.

Nomi tells her that they all have plenty of time to establish themselves (which is actually a good point) and they call Nomi out for how good she’s got it. Despite all the partying, hookups, and her incessant nosiness, Nomi’s got straight A’s and total financial security. Her privilege was definitely showing.

Grownish Season 2 Nomi, Ana, and Zoey

Nomi tries to play it down, talking about how her life isn’t all that charmed. Then she tells the girls how she’s dating Professor Hewson and she’s met with a chorus of what’s and one “who” from Sky.

Aaron gets in a fight with some dude named Mauricio because he donated $5. He was so ungrateful, talking about how they wanted to make a change not have him giving change. Aaron was already charging $10 at the door. Then he wants to say that buddy already drank $30 worth of alcohol. Aaron was just doing the most for this one. He should’ve just been grateful instead of being a jerk.

The girls have a discussion about Nomi’s dating situation. Jazz talks about how it’s a messed up power dynamic and things would be seen as different if Professor Hewson were male. Ana says they’re two consenting adults and she’s fine with it, which surprised me at first coming from Ana. Then I remembered how she was all up on Dean Parker last season.

Grownish Ana and Dean Parker

Jazz calls out Zoey on being so quiet during the discussion. Nomi says that she already knows what Zoey thinks of the situation. Zoey says she supports Nomi’s decision. Ana tells her she’s happy for Nomi. Sky says she’ll pray for both Nomi and the professor.

Zoey is pretty hurt about her self-care weekend not going as planned. Then, Jazz starts screaming and Zoey, Ana, and Nomi run in to see what’s up. They find out Sky and Junior are just soaking in the tub together.

Nomi’s happy the heat isn’t on her anymore. Zoey wants to just call off self-care weekend. Then Jazz brings up a good analogy about self-care. She tells her it’s just like maintaining her curls, it’s a process and it doesn’t just happen overnight.

Grownish season 2 episode 16 the twins and Zoey

Doug and Vivek take Aaron outside to get some air. Aaron starts talking about how all the drama has been keeping him from his activism. More about that in the discussion.

Vivek donates a thousand dollars to Aaron’s organization. He tells him how inspired he is by Aaron’s activism. Vivek also happens to be a very successful drug dealer, so it’s not biggie.

Doug tells them that they’re sitting ducks out there since “Big ‘ricio” never forgets. Then he notices a Jetta with no headlights on and the crew takes off running. I was so mad that we didn’t get to see what happened afterward.

Zoey realizes that the self-care weekend wasn’t a total bust and she doesn’t have to be super strict on the rules. The girls enjoy some carbs on the couch while Sky is all snuggled up with Junior.

The last scene is the girls raiding her Zoey’s mom’s closet and having a cute little fashion show. I was happy to see the girls not being toxic with one another for once. Also, that song was a total mood. It was Juice by Lizzo.

Grownish season 2 episode 16 Zoey and the girls


This self-care weekend idea was honestly such a cute idea but I don’t understand how Zoey got her car back so quick. It’s literally been two weeks. So you’re telling me that Dre went through the trouble of hiring a towing company to take away the car, only to give it back in less than two weeks. She lives on campus, why would she even need a car?

Sky and Junior had me on a whole roller coaster with that will they or won’t they mess. That bubble bath was hilarious. Honestly, I’m not mad at it.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: Why is Nomi dating her college professor? When one of the girls mentioned the 20-year age gap, I wanted to vomit. Nomi was trying to make her life sound tougher than it was, but she chose to be in this situation. Why can’t she find this “connection” with someone her own age.

I wish they would’ve shown what happened to the boys. I don’t like the idea of being on a cliff hanger with that, but based on the latest promo video, they’re fine. I just want to know if this Mauricio thing is really gonna be part of the plot in the future.

Grownish Zoey, Nomi, Ana, Jazz, and Sky

How did you feel about this week’s episode?

What do you think of Zoey’s self-care weekend?

How do y’all feel about the Sky/Junior thing?

What do you think about Nomi?

When is Vivek getting a real storyline?

Who does Aaron think he is?

What do you think will happen next week?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “Grownish Season 2 Episode 16 (Recap + Discussion)

  1. I love your answer to #4, I was in class while reading it and I wanted to laugh out loud so bad! I’m really not a fan of Nomi’s character either.

    Vivek is such a sweetheart but he’s always overlooked. The latest episode was pretty interesting, but definitely not what I was expecting. I feel like we should address the drug dealer thing again, like how he had that episode in season one. Maybe an episode showing how he’s running the business but hiding it from his family, that would be a cool storyline.

    Thank you for commenting 😀


  2. 1.) There wasn’t much going on in this episode it felt like.
    2.) I do love the idea of self-care. I think you need to take time to care for yourself everyone once in a while. Once you’re older, no one’s gonna do it for you.
    3.) I like it. I do. Still holding on to the Sky and Vivek thing. But I like Junior.
    4.) I don’t.
    5.) I wonder this myself. He honestly seems like a real genuine friend. They always push him to the side or crack jokes about him. None of them take him serious foreal. I wish he could at least get a girlfriend (maybe Sky?) who would be supportive of him and take him seriously. They should have an episode where they need to be there for him instead of just him being there for them all the time.
    6.) Seriously… I’m starting not to like him. I really just can’t stand him right now. Maybe ’cause of the playing Ana situation but then again it’s just something annoying about him.
    7.) I’m not sure. I think that there will definitely be some awkwardness between Ana and Aaron. But… I saw the promo and they’re gonna be talking about Vivek. But not in a good way. uh oh!

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