Grownish Season 2 Episode 20 Mini-Recap

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My TV is still buggin, but my brother finally gave me the password to his Hulu account so I just got through the latest episode. Now I’m feeling pretty hype for next week’s finale.

As always, my full recap and discussion will be up on Saturday.

Grownish season 2

Main Plot

Going off of what happened last week, Aaron throws a gala for his new Black Minds Matter organization. It’s a really nice, black tie affair. Aaron somehow got Joey Bada$$ to come and even though Luca is a big fan, he’s trying to play it cool.

Zoey tries pushing Luca to talk to his literal idol, but all he does is a ‘sup. She even tries sparking a conversation on their common love of art but it just ends up being an awkward mess. Luca tells her to fall off for a little so he can do his own thing.

While Zoey is on her search for some really good vegan sliders, she bumps into Joey Bada$$. She decides to take a chance and talk to him about Luca again. Somehow, the conversation shifts to how she’s a stylist and Joey offers her a job at his new pop-up shop that’s opening soon.

Grownish season 2 episode 20 Joey Bada$$

Zoey feels conflicted on taking it because she doesn’t want to take Luca’s dream job but this would also be a great opportunity for her. She says yes, then no, and after a weird conversation with Luca about vegan sliders, she finds Joey and says yes again. He tells her that she’s not taking any opportunity away from Luca since he wasn’t going to offer it to him in the first place. Luca’s cool, just too cool.

Zoey’s excited but also worried about how Luca’s going to take the news so after a conversation with Aaron, she just doesn’t tell him.

Other stuff that happened

Aaron was freaking out about giving his speech and Ana offered him some good advice about speaking from the heart.

Jazz was being a super overprotective sister because of Sky’s sprained leg from fundie run. Doug calls up Junior to save Sky’s night. Doug also tells Jazz that he loves her and it had me feeling all the feels. I love them together.

Grownish season 2 episode 20 Sky

Here’s what I think:

From Day One, I’ve been talking about how Luca just isn’t right for Zoey and this episode furthered my point. Especially with the finale prequel, I just don’t know how much longer those two will last.

I still don’t want Zoey running back to Aaron. They each need time to grow and be their own people. They need to stop looking for purpose in other people.

I’ve never been a big fan of Luca and his personality. He’s just too chill all the time and it honestly annoys me. His chillness caused him to lose an opportunity and I don’t feel bad in any way for him.

I’m so proud of Aaron. Stuff like this is why I loved him so much in season one. Aaron is an activist and he stands by his causes. I’m happy he’s letting go of a lot of what was distracting him before. I know I said he was cancelled a few weeks ago, but I think this event redeemed him.

What are your thoughts?

How do you feel about Zoey and Luca?

Is Aaron officially uncancelled?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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