Here’s 5 Things I Want to see in Season 3 of Grownish

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Now that Grownish has wrapped up Season 2, there’s a lot of theories going around about what will be happening in Season 3. I’m excited for the next season, even if that does mean waiting over a year.

Still, I do have a few requests for Season 3.

Grown ish Season 3

1. Longer Episodes

This has become a running gag with the Grownish live-tweeting fam. Every time an episode ends, we search for the best gifs that represent our need for hour long episodes. Waiting a whole week for a jam-packed 30 minute episode is too much.

2. More Vivek

Grown ish Vivek

Hopefully the writers will listen to our complaints about the lack of our favorite Indian-American drug dealer. This season had way less Vivek than Season 1. There was also less substance to his character this season.

As mentioned in my finale recap, Vivek is the child of Indian immigrants and he’s a drug dealer and engineering major. There’s so much nuance to this character and I want the writers to explore that next season.

3. Sky and Junior

Grown ish sky and junior

This little thing that Sky and Junior got going on is so cute. I want to see more of that, but I want to see it talked about on a deeper level. Let’s mention the fact that Junior is probably younger than Sky. I want to see them talk about that and I want to hear more about Sky’s past relationships.

4. The Twins

Grown ish twins Sky and Jazz

On that note, Sky and Jazz are hands-down my favorite people on the show. They’re relatable, funny, and (sometimes brutally) honest. I love how they grew to be their own people this season and I want to see more of that in Season 3.

During the fundie run, I noticed that Sky and Jazz are majoring in completely different things. Sky is doing education while Jazz is going into economics. I want to hear more about that and the reasons why they’re going into these fields.

5. Zoey doing Zoey

Grown ish season 2 episode 21 zoey

Considering how we left things off in the finale, I don’t know what direction the writers will be taking for Zoey’s character. We’re all waiting on details from that hot girl summer in London.

As I mentioned before, I’m Team Zoey now. I would much rather she take some time to be single and grow as her own person instead of worrying about some guy.

These are just a few of the things I’d like to see in Season 3. I love Grownish and with love comes expectation. I want to see Grownish getting even better than before.

What do you want to see in Season 3 of Grownish?

What did you like most about Season 2?

Which shows should I watch next?

Let me know in the comments, let’s chat!

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