5 Questions I have for The Good Place

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So, The Good Place has left us on yet another cliffhanger to pause the season. I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling mixed emotions about seeing how this all ends.

In preparation for this soul crushing finale, I’ve been rewatching every episode of The Good Place. Sidenote: It’s just as funny the second time.

While bingeing the seasons, a lot of questions have come to mind. Most of them involved Jason, but here are a few of the most pressing questions I have for The Good Place. Spoilers ahead!

The Good Place Everything is fine

Why doesn’t Chidi have a Senegalese accent?

From the very first episode we’re told that Chidi is from Senegal and the reason his English is so perfect is because The Good Place is translating his French. Yet in Season 3, when they’re back on Earth, Chidi’s English is still perfect. We even got a flashback to Chidi as a kid in the latest episode and his parents had accents but his English is still perfect. Also, why weren’t they just speaking French in that scene if that’s Chidi’s primary language?

The Good Place Chidi

How did Simone die?

I’m just curious about this one. Shawn made it sound pretty interesting at the start of Season 4. It’s also interesting that she seems to have died relatively soon after Chidi’s second death.

The Good Place Simone gif

Does Chidi’s solution involve the dot of Jearimy Bearimy?

This is a theory I’m working on. In the Season 3 finale, Chidi told Eleanor that they could just live in the dot of Jearimy Bearimy forever. It was a super cute moment, but could it have been more than that? What if that dot has something to do with Chidi’s plan to save humanity?

The Good Place Chidi and Eleanor Jeremy Bearimy

Can Janet be in two places at once?

So, our four humans are supposed to believe that Janet tends to 322 residents. What happens if two residents call her at the same time? I know this wasn’t a big problem for her in Season 1 and 2 when it was just the four humans, but in Season 4, Brett is constantly calling her. Does she just get queued up when multiple people call her at once?

The Good Place Janet

What happens next?

I’m sure this is a question we’re all asking. I have a few of my own theories and we’ve gotten a few hints from the producers. Then again, we’re always thrown for a loop with this show. Feel free to comment your theories below!

Do you have any questions for The Good Place?

What was your favorite moment from the show?

How did you feel about the latest episode?

Let me know your thoughts below, let’s chat!

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