January 2020 Wrap-Up

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Hey y’all, I’ve been trying to stay true to my goals for the year and so far things have been going great. I had over 20 posts in the month of January and I’ve already gotten more views this month than I had for the entirety of 2018. The growth is real, y’all.

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Reading Updates:

I’ve read 2 1/2 for pleasure this month and the other 2 1/2 books were assigned readings for class. That being said, I actually read them. I didn’t go on the Sparknotes… this time.

Pleasure Reads

I read Let me Hear a Rhyme and Lumberjanes early into the new year.

Dear Haiti, Love Alaine

This is the book I left at the place I volunteer. I went there yesterday and got it back so I plan on getting through Dear Haiti, Love Alaine some time this month. It’ll probably be read on train rides home and Self-Care Saturdays.

Assigned Readings

These were all for my Science Fiction class. The Time Machine was kind of weird but I really liked War of the Worlds. I can see how it caused such a sensation. I’m halfway through Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? We’ve also read a bunch of short stories for that class and I read a lot for my Literature and Environment class, but for these posts I just focus on novels.


I’ve been posting way more than twice a week this month and it’s honestly sparked so much joy. I’ve fallen back in love with blogging and I don’t even know why I stopped in the first place.

I’m going to break this down into two superlative categories, that way I’m not boring you with every post from January.

Most Popular Post

My recap and discussion for the Grown-ish Season 3 Premiere and my 2019 reading and blogging goals update tied for most viewed January posts. Grown-ish comes as no surprise, those are always the most popular posts for my site but I was surprised to see that people were interested in my updates.

My Personal Faves

These were all the posts I enjoyed the most in January, especially when it came to writing them. I got really creative with each of these in one way or another. I always love talking about the books I rated 5 stars for the year, it’s nice to reflect back on just what made them so great.

The Victorious and Black-ish posts were both ones I got creative with. They were both topics I wanted to talk about and it was fun figuring out a way to get my point across.

The Book of the Month is something new I’ll be doing this year. I just love how much I’ve been experimenting and it got a lot more attention than I was expecting.

Blog Hop

Not only do I love blogging, I also love checking out what other people are writing. I want to be more active in the blogging community this year and that starts with blog hopping. Please be sure to check out these wonderful blogs!

Marie ~ Drizzle and Hurricane Books

As is the case for most of these bloggers, I don’t remember exactly when I started following Marie but I do know that whenever I’m active in my blog hopping I make sure to pay her posts a visit. I love everything on her site, from the design to the topics, she’s such a great blogger. Her monthly wrap-ups also include a blogger shout out and that’s what inspired me to do this.

Shanah ~ Bionic Book Worm

Now that I’m active on this blog again, I’ve gotten back into Top 5 Tuesdays and I enjoy reading Shanah’s other posts, too. I’ve been following her blog for years and I like the direction she’s taking it this year.

Kat ~ Life and Other Disasters

Kat is so great! We always have such fun conversations in the comments. I started following Kat’s blog shortly after I started posting show reviews and now I get so many wonderful recommendations from her. If you like this blog, you’re definitely going to love Kat’s.

Zezee ~ Zezee with Books

Contrary to the others, Zezee is actually a blogger I started following fairly recently. Her Beautiful Book Covers series is really cute and she happens to also be Caribbean. Of course I’ve got to support my fellow islanders.

Sara ~ The Bibliophagist

Sara is one of my favorite bloggers and for good reason. She’s so sweet and super active with blogging. She’s also really consistent with her posts.

How was your month?

What were your favorite reads?

Did you find any new favorite shows?

What are your favorite blogs?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

25 thoughts on “January 2020 Wrap-Up

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  2. Lovely post. You sound kind of me. Same reasons I go out of blogging then when come back I just can’t resist staying away. Writing and reading are my childhood besties. We’ve grown together.
    But as off now I am not able to read any new book as my library is under lockdown and online entry is not working for me. So only what I can do is write and read blogs on all platforms. Or more lovingly some reading material I find on net and how an i forget Goodreads, freeonline libraries etc.
    Thanks for your lovely post.

    Liked by 1 person

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  7. Thank you for linking to my blog! ❤ Side note, I also had to read Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? in college! I don't really remember what I thought about it, but I remember talking about the title and watching part of Blade Runner in class.

    Liked by 2 people

    • I love your blog and I’m hoping others end up loving it too 😀 I’ve never seen Blade Runner but I’ve heard great things about it so far, I think I’m one of the only people in my class that isn’t already in love with science fiction but Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? was a fun surprise

      Liked by 2 people

  8. Aww sucks! Thanks for the shout-out!! Am so glad to meet another blogger from the Caribbean on here. What country are you from/rep?
    Also, someone recommend PKD to me today and said I should try Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep because it’s good.

    Liked by 2 people

  9. Awe, thank you so, so much for the mention here! I love our chats in the comments and how similar our taste in shows is. It means a lot to me 🙂
    Also, in case you want to continue Lumberjanes in the future (I have read a couple volumes) just be aware that the art style unfortunately changes a bit later on. I don’t remember if it was just for a couple issues or in general, but I was kind of bummed about it.
    Hope you have a great February!

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  10. Congrats on posting more this month! It always sparks joy for me when I manage to keep up or surpass a goal! I read the first Lumberjanes way back when and really loved it! Glad to see it’s still going strong!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much ☺️ January was a great blogging month for me and I’m glad I got through all those books, Lumberjanes was a fun read and I’m hoping to read the second book this month


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