The Voice Top 4 Predictions + Theory

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The Voice has been a great new addition to my watchlist this year, especially with everything else going on in the world right now. This season is like no other and they’ve been making it work in ways I wasn’t expecting.

Here are my Top 4 predictions:

Thunderstorm Artis

Thunderstorm Artis on The Voice

This prediction is based on two things:

  1. Thunderstorm has a huge social media prescence. He currently has 54.2 K followers on Instagram. That’s way more than any other contestant in the race right now.
  2. His name is literally THUNDERSTORM. How cool is that?

Allegra Miles

Allegra Miles, The Voice Contestant Team Nick
  1. Allegra also has a huge social media presence, with 36.4 K followers right now.
  2. She has a lot of East Coast support and apparently that goes a long way for live voting.

Micah Iverson

Micah Iverson on The Voice Team Kelly
  1. You’ve probably caught on to the pattern now. Micah currently has 32.2 K followers on Instagram, trailing closely behind Allegra.
  2. He also has some great energy and he’s the only guy left on Team Kelly.


Cammwess on The Voice Team Legend
  1. Cammwess has 29.7 K followers on Instagram and he beat out Mandi for the spot on John’s team.
  2. His voice is smooth and pretty similar to John Legend. He has a habit of putting a real personal spin to the songs he sings and that really sets him apart from the competition.


John’s decision to save Zan really confused me last week. Of all the people he could’ve chosen, I was sure he’d pick Mandi. Not only is she bringing in some much needed Latinx representation, she’s also super versatile in the range of songs she sings.

I found it extremely ironic that both people he’d chosen Mandi over were part of the Top 9. Zan has a much smaller social media presence and she falls into a more eclectic genre of music. Zan doesn’t have the mass appeal that you’d see winning, in my opinion. When I brought this up to my mom she gave me her own theory.

She said that it may have been a strategic choice. The intent is for CammWess to make it to the finals and for that to happen, there can’t be a major split in the votes. In a sense, less people would have to choose between the two for John and all those votes would be going toward CammWess.

What do you think of this theory?

Who are your Top 4 predictions?

Who’s your current favorite on The Voice?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “The Voice Top 4 Predictions + Theory

    • That’s very true, I wish it wasn’t set up by team because Blake’s people don’t have the popularity of the other contestants. I love Todd and Toneisha but I can’t see them winning in the finale


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