The one where I gush about We Were All Someone Else Yesterday (Book Review)

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Omar Holmons debut collection of poems! I’ve been following Omar’s spoken word since high school. I feel like I say that with every poet but honestly it’s the truth. This collection was so refreshing. The bits of humor in the hard parts reminded me that that’s how life goes.

I remember having the biggest crush on Omar Holmon in high school. He didn’t even have that many videos out but I would watch them over and over and try learning more about him online. In many ways, he is the embodiment of what I’m looking for in a life partner.

Here me out. He’s:

  1. a black nerd
  2. socially conscious
  3. appreciates black women
  4. rocking an afro
  5. a literal poet
  6. hilarious
  7. unconventional in many ways
  8. seems like such a nice person

And that’s just based on a couple of his poems. Now I have the whole book, and before you call me out, yes I know he’s married. I’m just using him as a base to manifest my own husband.

If you’re not buying it, at least check out these videos that got me hooked in the first place.

And of course, the classic:

If you stuck through for all of that, please be sure to comment below! Have you listened to Omar Holmon’s work? Are you a spoken word artist? I want to hear all about it!

2 thoughts on “The one where I gush about We Were All Someone Else Yesterday (Book Review)

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