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Hey y’all, I’m bored in the house and I’m in the house bored. Now that I’m only taking one class instead of four, I have so much free time on my hands. I had originally planned to use it to clean out the back room/storage space at my moms house but that ended up being a bigger battle than I was prepared for.

With everything going on in… the world, I’ve been mentally exhausted and often unmotivated. My 100 day project and exercise routine have been helping but life has been tough.

I’m a social butterfly and not hugging people or hanging out with friends has been especially tough for me. This is honestly an extrovert’s nightmare. Thankfully, I have Netflix and Hulu to help me feel like I’m doing something with my day.

All this to say, here’s what I’ve been watching lately:

Blood and Water

I watched this over a month ago with some friends. You can check out the full review here.

Control Z

This is another international show I heard about from Kat. I’m watching this one with a couple friends too and it is so messy… but in a good way. It’s a nice distraction from the real world.

The Half of It

I really enjoyed this movie. It’s so well done in terms of plot, dialogue, character development, and directing. Overall a great film.

Palm Springs

I saw the ads on YouTube and decided to check it out on Hulu. It was okay, not bad but not amazing. It had its funny moments but nothing that had me laughing super hard or anything.

The Baby-sitters Club

If you’ve seen my post about The Babysitters Club shaping my childhood, you already know how much I love this adaptation. It’s so well done and a great all-ages show.

The Amazing World of Gumball

When I’m in need of a good laugh, I often turn to this show. It’s hilarious while being so timely.

Parks and Recreation

I’ve been re-watching Parks and Rec for the millionth time. I usually put it on in the background as I work on my art. It’s been comforting but with everything going on I’m noticing that the show doesn’t hold up as well as it used to. The later seasons are still wonderful though.

Avatar the Last Airbender

I’ve re-watched this show so many times over the years but I just recently started again following it re-addition to Netflix. Back when it was originally on Netflix (and on Nickelodeon for that matter) I used to watch it all the time.

Always a Bridesmaid

I watched this with the Black Netflix party group. It was a fun pastime but I do think the plot was lacking. It was predictable, but overall a good time.

And for anyone that may have missed the reference:

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Have you seen any of these?

What have you been watching?

Are you in the house bored?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

12 thoughts on “Bored in the House Watchlist

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  2. It’s gives me life to see Avatar receiving so much renewed love lately. It certainly deserves it. I loved this show when I was younger and I love it still. I’m rewatching it now (a couple episodes every morning) and it’s just amazing how well it’s held up over time. It’s honestly one of the best cartoons ever made 💕💕

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  3. I’ve been seeing renewed love for Avatar on my feeds recently and I honestly am thinking of starting it! I always see the funny memes for it but I’m sure there are inside jokes I’m missing!

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  5. I love that you keep discovering shows on my blog haha especially when I haven’t even watched them myself yet. Control Z is on my list though!

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    • Lol, I love that 😀 You’re blog helps me find such great shows and they’re perfect for watching with friends (from a safe social distance)

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    • Avatar the Last Airbender is definitely one of my all time faves 😀 I’m happy you’ve found something you enjoy watching


  6. I haven’t seen any of these, but I’ve heard awesome things about a few (eg. ATLA and The Half of It). I have been binge watching Criminal Minds and a friend of mine has gotten me into Its Okay To Not Be Okay (a Netflix kdrama).

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    • I keep hearing about Its Okay to Not be Okay! I haven’t watched any k-dramas before but the way that people talk about it really makes me want to get into it 😀

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