Let’s Catch Up (#18)

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Hey y’all! We’ve made it through yet another week together and I’m so thankful to have this time with you again. This week we’ll be talking about school, book (of course!), and some wonderful people in the book community. So, it’s time to grab a drink (preferably warm), a cozy blanket, and whatever you’re reading this on so we can catch up!

Life Update

This week has been a pretty good one. I’m absolutely loving my Major World Writers class. Even though we meet on Zoom, we have real discussions and I love that. This week we talked about colonialism’s impact on literature and a few post-colonial writers. It was such an interesting conversation.

I got an iPad this week and I’m really excited to use it for bookstagram pictures of my audio and ebooks. It’s actually made a guest appearance in my latest bookstagram reel. I’ve already started using it to read my Netgalley eARCs and it’s definitely made it so much easier on my eyes. Reading on my phone was becoming a serious issue.

The iPad has also been perfect for watching movies, TV shows, and YouTube (since I tried catching up more yesterday). I watched Zombies 2 yesterday. It’s such a guilty pleasure for me, but I love how ridiculous it was.

guilty pleasure cbc GIF by Kim's Convenience

Blogging Update

I finally broke my streak. I had over 30 days of posts but I wasn’t feeling up to making something for Monday so I just… didn’t. I definitely don’t want to get burnt out so I’m not forcing anything.

I absolutely love the Bookstagram community! I’ve made a bunch of new friends there and someone even said they pre-ordered a copy of Early Departures because of how much I’ve been talking about it on my story. It really warms my heart.

I haven’t been blog hopping much this week and I’ve been really behind on booktube videos. Though I have spent a lot of time on bookstagram, I just haven’t felt the pull to watch videos this week and I haven’t been reading blog posts. I’ve barely checked my feed and I’m hoping to get better with that next week, but that all depends on my other responsibilities.

What did I miss?

This is the part where I talk about everything I’ve posted this week and you check out anything you may have missed. This week was pretty chill and I had fun responding to all the wonderful comments.

Top 5 Tuesday ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I actually followed the Top 5 Tuesday prompt correctly this time around.

WWW Wednesday ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

Decided to bring on another WWW Wednesday this week so I can update you all on my latest reads. I’m still trying to figure out how to balance it all with school, but things have been good so far.

I'm Not Dying with You Tonight Book Review ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I read I’m Not Dying With You Tonight a couple weeks ago and now my thoughts on it are finally on the interwebs.

When Dimple Met Rishi Book Review ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

When Dimple Met Rishi is so darn cute. I can’t believe I waited this long to read it.

Matching my Favorite Christian Bops to Books ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

For my creative post of the week, I decided to match my favorite Christian bops to books. This one was so fun to make! I love doing these song to book posts. It’s definitely something I want to do more of in the future.

Book Bloggers to Check Out

The winners for the Book Blogger Awards were announced over on both Marie and May’s pages. I’ve now added so many of these bloggers to my feed and I’m so excited to see their posts.

I know I talk about Ally every week, but can you blame me? Ally @ Ally Writes Things basically posted a whole research paper about whether she prefers reading non-fiction books as audiobooks or physical books.

Jenna @ Westveil Publishing posted about The Pizza Chronicles, a series I hadn’t heard about before but sounds very interesting. If you’re looking for questioning rep, then check out Jenna’s review to see if it may be the right series for you.

Sienna @ Daydreaming Book Lover wrote about 5 reasons she loved Loveless by Alice Oseman as part of the Tour the World in 30 Books blog tour that Sammie’s hosting. Sienna really connected to this story and I keep hearing such great things about Alice Oseman’s books.

Paige @ Reading Paiges gave us a whole list of books with deaf characters as part of Deaf Awareness Month. Paige talks about representation throughout this post as someone who was born deaf. I’m trying to actively seek out more books with disability rep so I’m excited to add all of these to my TBR.

Booktubers to Check Out

I actually did manage to get through several wonderful videos this week. I did a whole lot of catching up yesterday and that helped tremendously.

Bre posted her readathon that’s she’ll be having for Halloween. I personally don’t celebrate Halloween, but if it’s something you’re into you should definitely check it out! Bre also posts the most hilarious reels on her Bookstagram.

Monae posted her booktube newbie video and it was really fun to watch. I love her energy and it’s nice getting to know a little more about her.

Zoe posted this list of Black authors who give her a serotonin boost. The video is also chock full of dramatic readings of the synopses of these books and I’m here for it.

Ellias posted his first book haul of the year, and it’s a big one. A few were from publishers and most were from thrifting. More good vibes, more good times.

Cassidy Marie had a really good reading month and I’m happy for her. A couple of these were books I loved in August too!

How was you week?

Is there any bookish content that stuck out to you this week?

Are you a bookstagrammer?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

18 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up (#18)

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  2. That’s an interesting subject – Major World Writers.
    My week has been boring. I’ve decided that I’ll be more productive this week and maybe sign up for a class somewhere. My brain needs exercise and work is too dull to help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • It’s such a fun class 😁 it is pretty fun taking classes on topics like these and I’m sure taking a class would be a great brain workout 🏋🏽‍♀️


  3. I love bookstagram too and I spend way too much time on it. I love the posts that you have shared too and I am gonna check them out one by one now. Thanks for sharing.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. i’m glad you’ve been having a good time! i’ve wanted an iPad for a while, mostly for Procreate lol! I can’t wait to watch those booktube videos too💜

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy to hear you are enjoying your class so much 😀 I was actually thinking about getting an iPad myself, but more to download procreate and try my hand at digital art. I have a pad for drawing, but it’s screen-less and my hand-eye-coordination is weird. I am not sure I know what to do with it haha but I also don’t want to spend money on something I might not even like. It’s a struggle, but glad you got so much use out of it already!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I want to get into digital art too! I actually downloaded procreate but when I bought my iPad at Best Buy they were sold out of Apple Pens so I’m waiting for that to come in so I can start drawing. I really like my iPad so far because it’s so much easier to carry around than my laptop. I’ve already used it for reading, YouTube, organizing my blog post schedule and so much more. I honestly didn’t want to spend the money at first either but it’s already felt so worth it 😂

      Liked by 1 person

  6. I’m glad you’re enjoying the bookstagram community! I have been on there since 2016? perhaps even earlier… I have changed my theme too many times since then and every time I do so, people reply “welcome to bookstagram!” under my pics which is adorable but also hilarious!

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