Let’s Catch Up (#20)

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Hey y’all! I’m kinda slacking today (and this week) but I’m sure y’all already know that. All that doesn’t mean it isn’t too late to grab a beverage and cozy blanket because it’s time for us to catch up!

Life Update

School, school, school… I have two essays due this week, both of which I haven’t started yet. One is due on Wednesday and the other is due on Saturday. We read Twelfth Night for my Shakespeare class and it was so boring to me. It’s supposed to be a comedy but I couldn’t really find anything funny about it. I would love to read a retelling though, especially a sapphic retelling with a BIPOC lead. I think that would be a million times more interesting.

I didn’t really leave my house this week and my weekly group therapy session was cancelled so I’ve been running pretty low on social interactions. Thankfully, I have several online buddies that I’ve been chatting with throughout the week.

My church has opened up in-person services again. Masks are required and there’s socially distanced seating but I haven’t gone back yet. I’ve been watching online every Sunday but I really miss my Sunday schoolers so I’m planning to start going in person again in October.

I started an art Instagram for my digital pieces. I’m not in love with my username but I honestly couldn’t think of anything else so that’s what I have for the time being. If you have any suggestions for what to title this page, please let me know! Digital art has been really fun so far and I’m really loving Procreate.

Blogging Update

I’ve absolutely sucked at blog hopping this week. I’m not going to link anyone today. Hopefully I’ll be back to blog hopping after these essays are done with.

The Ungodly Hour Book Challenge is still going so please be sure to enter by October 3rd. So far I’ve only had three entries and I’m giving away three books so if you do enter, the odds will definitely be in your favor.

And while you’re there, be sure to check out the other things I post on my Bookstagram.

What Did I Miss?

Even though it’s been a bit of a stressful week, I’ve still managed to get a few posts out. This is the part where you check out any you may have missed!

M is for Melanin: Book Recs ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I actually posted 5 children’s book recommendations last Sunday as part of the M is for Melanin book tour that Hear Our Voices was hosting, but I didn’t include it in last’s week’s catch up so I decided to add it here.

5 Reasons I LOVE Dear Haiti, Love Alaine ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

Sammie @ Bookwyrm’s Den is hosting a Tour the World in 30 Books blog tour to support her library so of course I had to take that opportunity to give y’all even more reasons for why I love Dear Haiti, Love Alaine.

WWW Wednesday ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I’ve actually been reading a lot lately, both for school and for pleasure. WWW Wednesdays are a nice way of updating y’all and organizing my own reading.

Take a Hint, Dani Brown Book Review ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I honestly thought I’d posted this review already because I actually read Take a Hint, Dani Brown WEEKS ago but… It’s up now.

And that’s all from me this week. I’m hoping October will be a better month for blog hopping but I already know school is trying to kick me in the butt so no promises.

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How was your week?

Is school kicking your butt too?

Do you have a self-care routine?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

10 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up (#20)

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    • Thank you so much 😀 I started the last week of August so we’re about a third in to the semester which feels so wild to me


  2. School is definitely kicking my butt so far this semester. Idk what it is this time, but it is so much different than the spring semester and I’m already over it sadly.

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