9 Diverse TV Shows to Add to Your Family Friendly Watchlist

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Hey y’all! It’s no secret that I love children’s shows. As soon as I see that “family friendly” tag, my interest is piqued. I talk about cartoons quite often and I watch them even more. Most of these TV shows are ones I love, with a few my younger cousins are trying to get me into (spoiler alert, they’ve got me).

Who doesn’t love a good binge watching session every now and then? Having some family to enjoy it with can make it even better.

Julie and the Phantoms

I just finished this show a couple weeks ago and I absolutely loved it. It’s giving me Disney Channel vibes, but not as “childish.” Kenny Ortega is actually the genius behind High School Musical and the Descendants movies so that makes a whole lot of sense. A few of the actors in the show were part of Descendants so if you’ve seen those movies you’ll spot a couple familiar faces.

I’m actually not super into paranormal stories, as you can probably tell by my love for contemporaries, but this one caught my eye. It’s so good, even if you’re not into “ghost stories,” you should still give this one a chance.

Craig of the Creek

Craig of the Creek is one of my favorite shows at the moment. I watch it almost every day. I love seeing a Black boy going on adventures and meeting new people along the way. His family is also super fun and I love the episodes when Craig’s little sister, Jessica, is involved.

There are kids from all kinds of different backgrounds and each episode comes with a sweet lesson. This is a show that has diversity, representation, and inclusion. I’m so thankful it exists for this next generation. Also, I absolutely love the art style.

The Loud House

I can’t have a TV show recommendations post without mentioning The Loud House at least once. I don’t know if I’ve said it before, but my cousins actually got me into the show a few years ago and I’ve loved it ever since.

This is another super diverse show that also teaches a lesson at the end of each episode. It also has that flat, simplified character design that I love so much.

The Casagrandes

A spin-off of The Loud House focusing on a Mexican family living in a big city? You already know I’m here for it!

The Casagrandes follows Ronnie Anne and her family. It’s super funny, has great representation (different races, ethnicities, and Ronnie Anne’s cousin has Down Syndrome), and teaches lessons along the way. Are you starting to see a theme here?

Raising Dion

A Black boy who’s also a super hero trying to figure out his powers? Best believe I can’t wait for season two. There’s also a character who’s disabled and the show doesn’t skim over that fact. That specific episode is such a great conversation starter when watching this with kids. I wish more people talked about this show because it’s so good!

And Michael B. Jordan is the executive producer and he makes a cameo in it. Just go watch it!

Total Drama Rama

My cousins are obsessed with this show right now. I used to watch Total Drama Island when I was younger and this new edition is a whole lot more family friendly. It still has some dark elements but not nearly as bad as the original.

Miraculous Ladybug

Miraculous Ladybug is a French cartoon that’s been dubbed and added on Netflix. It’s another show my cousins absolutely love! I’ve spent a few hours watching it with them and the show is ridiculous… but also super enticing. It’s hard not to watch ten episodes back to back.


This is a new series on Netflix and it looks absolutely adorable. It’s perfect for younger audiences. I’ve seen a few clips and it’s so sweet.

Sister, Sister

I decided to end off with this throwback because my 13 year old cousin just started watching it for the first time and she’s loving it. It’s so nice seeing her enjoy this show that I loved watching reruns of when I was her age too. Wow, what a cycle.

Have you seen any of these shows?

What were some of your favorite shows growing up?

What’s on your watchlist right now?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

8 thoughts on “9 Diverse TV Shows to Add to Your Family Friendly Watchlist

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  3. My daughter got me hooked on Julie and the Phantoms. And I thoroughly enjoyed an episode or two of Raising Dion. Then I wasn’t watching for a while, and it disappeared from my list, and I forgot the name. Now I can find the rest of them! (Cannot binge watch anything this week, though, more’s the pity.)

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    • I’m so glad your daughter got you into Julie and the Phantoms, it’s so good! I’m happy this post helped you find the title and I hope you enjoy the rest of Raising Dion 😀 I’m on the edge of my seat waiting for a second season

      I hope you get more time for binge watching the following week 🙂


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