November Wrap-Up

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Hey y’all! November has drawn to a close so that means it’s time for some sweet, sweet graphs. I’m looking forward to December and the end of this semester.

Reading Stats

I read 7 books in November, totaling 1095 pages. I listened to three of them as audiobooks through the CloudLibrary app. I read three collections of poetry and two essay collections for Nonfiction November. I also read a historical fiction for one of my classes and a middle grade story for fun.


The StoryGraph Moods pie chart ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

This definitely makes sense. I love a good reflective and emotional read.


The StoryGraph Pace pie chart ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

Two of the poetry collections were counted as slow paced. I don’t really know how to classify the pace of poetry so *insert shrug emoji*

Page Number

The StoryGraph Page number pie chart ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

Will I read any books over 500 pages this year? Probably not.


The StoryGraph Fiction/Nonfiction pie chart ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

The StoryGraph is still in it’s beta phase so not everything is in the right category. A few of the poetry collections were counted under fiction so just pretend that the nonfiction and fiction pieces are switched.


The StoryGraph Genres graph ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I really liked the mix of genres I read this month. I definitely branched out into a few more genres that I don’t read in often.

Star Ratings

The StoryGraph Star ratings chart ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I hadn’t been planning on rating my nonfiction reads but I ended up loving several of them so much that I gave them 5 stars. It was a pretty great reading month overall.

What’s Poppin?

I posted 11 things this month. School definitely ate into my time and when I wasn’t doing things for school, I didn’t want to do as much writing. Here are the four most popular posts for November.

I bought three books in October. It was fun talking about them. I actually won’t have a book of the month post for November because I didn’t buy any books for myself but I did get some early Christmas shopping done.

Let’s Catch Up has been a really fun way to talk about the week and chat. It’s been really nice to hear what you’re all doing, too. They’re actually my most popular posts each week.

If you want to see how this month’s reading compared to last month, check out my October Wrap-Up.

I decided to try out the Book Blogger Oldie Tag. It was nice reflecting on my time here in the blogosphere.

My 15 Minutes of Fame

One of my Bookstagram reels has hit over 5000 views. You can check it out here:

I wasn’t expecting it to get that much attention but I’m happy I’m not the only one that’s felt this way. Another day of calling out the publishing industry, huh.

How was your November?

Are you planning to do anything for the holidays?

What has been your favorite read so far this year?

Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

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