Let’s Catch Up (#34)

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Hey y’all! We’re over a week into the new ear and I don’t know about y’all, but it’s been a wild time for me. We’ll get into that though. So go grab your winter drink, a cozy blanket, and take a seat so we can catch up!

Life Update

I didn’t post an update last week because life got in the way. January 1st is Haitian Independence Day so it’s pretty important for my family. I helped my mom cook and my grandma made traditional soup joumou. It was a great day.

January 1st was also the start of the first ever Haitian Readathon. I’m hosting it along with a few buddies from bookstagram and I’m also running the Instagram page for it so that’s definitely kept me busy. The readathon ends Friday, the 15th so you still have time to join if you haven’t yet.

I’m on Tik Tok now. Yes, I finally gave in and made one. It’s just as addictive as I thought it would be and I’ve been making a lot of videos there. I somehow already have 1,000 followers there, which is absolutely wild. I’m really enjoying recommending these books I love to a whole new audience.

My final semester of undergrad starts this week and I’m both excited and terrified. I’m taking five English classes and they all sound super interesting. One of my classes is called Young Adult Fiction so you know this is going to be an exciting semester.

Blogging Update

Another reasons the new year was super busy for me is the fact that it was also the start of my new Instagram theme. I’ve been looking forward to it for weeks now and I’m happy I can finally start putting out posts. My latest two blog posts are also related to this theme and I’m hoping the new theme helps me stay active with blogging.

What Did I Miss?

Here’s the part where I talk about my latest blog posts. It’s been a while since I had latest blog posts to talk about but, here we are.

16 Diverse YA and Middle Grade Releases for January 2021 ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews
16 Diverse YA and Middle Grade Releases for January 2021

One of my goals for my new Instagram theme is to include more new releases and book recommendations instead of just showing the same books all the time. As most of you know, I don’t own all that many books (especially new ones) since I get most of my books from the library. Adding cute graphics to the page will help with that. This post has all of the synopses for the books I mentioned in my IG post.

10 Books I Want to Read in 2021 - Diverse Books ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews
10 Books I Want to Read in 2021 – Diverse Books

My TBR is definitely longer than these 10 books but I really want to get to these this year, especially since they make up a chunk of the stack of books I own but haven’t read yet.

My Latest Escape

I’m trying to start getting into K-Dramas since everyone loves them so much. I started watching It’s Okay to Not Be Okay and it’s so good! I’ve already cried multiple times and I recently finished Episode 9. I was feeling so many emotions, I couldn’t even process it.

There’s a lot of mental illness and trauma rep and one of the main characters is autistic. This show makes me feel so many feelings and it feels nice to feel things. I don’t even know if that makes sense but that’s the best I can do because I don’t even know how to explain this show.

How was your week? Do you watch K-Dramas? What are you looking forward to this week? Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

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