Let’s Catch Up (#35)

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Hey y’all! Classes have officially begun and I’ve got my boxing gloves on to try to keep from getting beat. It’s already been a time, but we’ll get into that. Right now I need you to get a warm drink and fuzzy blanket to fight off this cold draft so we can catch up!

teddy bear cat GIF
This is how I’m expecting you to look right now

Life Update

I originally signed up for five classes this semester. It’s my last semester of undergrad and I wanted to end it off with all the classes that sounded interesting to me. One of those classes was called Ghosts of the Colonial Past and I went into thinking it would be about how colonialism is still impacting the world today. Turns out it was a class on literal GHOST STORIES.

As someone who frights easily, I deemed it in my best interest to drop the course. Now I’m down to four classes. Still a full course load but I’ve gotten considerably less ghosts to worry about.

I decided to actually leave my house this week and that was nice. I went to Target and bought some glass Tupperware with a gift card. I’ve been wanting that for a while so I’m happy I was finally able to get it. Target has already started putting up their Black History Month display and I had to drag myself away from it before I ended up buying everything.

I also went to my city’s downtown area and walked around. I checked out a few shops and ended up in the new bookstore that opened recently. I’m so happy to have a local bookshop again and I made a Tik Tok of the experience. It’s so aesthetically pleasing, y’all.

Speaking of Tik Tok, I now have over 4,000 followers! What?! I’m so shook by this growth and I’m really thankful for the support. It’s also super stressful though and I don’t know how to maintain it and keep people happy with the content. My views have gone down significantly these past two days and I think it has to do with the algorithm.

Blogging Update

Only one post this week because it was a busy one, but I’m happy with what I put out. Bookstagram has been fun. The first Haitian Readathon is officially over and it really went out with a bang. We had a live discussion of Dear Haiti, Love Alaine last night and Maika Moulite joined! It was such a cool experience and I’m so thankful for how it turned out. It was so wonderful!

And I recently hit 1,000 followers on Instagram! Wow, it’s been a good time.

And here’s what I posted on the blogosphere this week:

15 Books with Mental Illness Representation ~ Rae's Reads and Reviews

I put together this list to share books with mental illness rep. I’ve read most of these but there are a few on the list I haven’t gotten to yet. Mental illness rep is super important to me and I’m happy that people seemed to really enjoy this list.

I don’t really have anything else to talk about so I guess-

thats it stephen colbert GIF by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert

How was your week? Are you taking any classes right now? What have you been up to? Let me know in the comments below, let’s chat!

2 thoughts on “Let’s Catch Up (#35)

    • I love hearing about your crocheting ☺️ i hadn’t heard about Whisper of the Heart before, how is it?

      I hope things go well with the booktube lives 😁


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