Let’s Catch Up (#39)

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Hey y’all and Happy Valentine’s Day! Whether you’re spending the day with your boo thang or enjoying some much needed self care, I hope you can find a moment to chat. Go on then, grab your warm drink, cozy blanket, and take a seat so we can catch up!

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January Reading Wrap-Up

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Hey y’all! The first month of 2021 has already come to an end and I actually got a lot of reading done. Can you believe it? Is time even real at this point?

January was a busy month and I never got around to making a December wrap-up. I guess I was just over 2020 by that point. Anywho, it’s time for those sweet, sweet graphs.

Reading Stats

I read 13 books in January, making a total of 3,780 pages. I listened to 5 of them as audiobooks, 4 of which I got through my library’s app. Most of these were pleasure reads but 4 were books for class.

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Let’s Catch Up (#37)

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Hey y’all! Whenever the semester starts getting heavy I always end up slacking on my blog posts and this one is proving no different. I’m really sorry I haven’t been super active here but I want all of you to know you still have my heart.

Okay, enough of me being sappy. Go on, grab a warm drink and cozy blanket, then take a seat so we can catch up!

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